questionsanyone serving up something odd or unusual for or…


We have the same thing but we call it "Pistachio Ambrosia". That's about as odd/unusual as we get here.


We used to have "Pink Salad" for Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family every year.
It was 1 carton cottage cheese, 1 tub Cool Whip, 1 can diced pineapple (drained), 1 small box cherry or strawberry jello and I think that was it. I like it and still bug my sister to make it for Christmas Eve dinner. My sister has never really been fond of it.

I had egg rolls at Thanksgiving one year. The family I do Thanksgiving with also invited some recent immigrants from somewhere in Southeast Asia (Laos maybe? I don't remember and they didn't speak much English). They brought a big pan of egg rolls.


They make that pink stuff for work parties and everyone loves it.


Two of my kids are still at home (college & a bad economy). They've asked for the usual, normal sides along with pizza rolls, dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks, cheddar poppers, and tiny fried apple pies. Since we're not having guests for dinner, I'm going ahead with their crazy requests.


My friends have an every year tradition. The family comes over and they all get pizza and beer and watch football.


I'll be serving kibble with gravy. :)


My Grandma makes a different "pink stuff" - it's rice, jello, cool whip, and mystery. It's also delicious. No idea how it's made.


Way back before arthritis made it nearly impossible for my mother to cook and bake she used to bring a Banana Split Cake to Thanksgiving Dinner. It was always the most popular dessert each holiday and she would always bring at least two or three.

The Banana Split Cake was a real chore to make because it required a hand made crust that had to baked in advanced. When it cooled the filling, which used either condensed or evaporated milk as an ingredient, was mixed and poured, bananas were split and laid in with crushed pineapple followed by chocolate drizzled over. Then it was all topped with mounds of whipped cream, cherries and chopped pecans. The cakes then had be refrigerated overnight so they would set.

Unlike most other desserts the Banana Split Cake is always served chilled. With the sweet filling, fruit and whipped topping it was a refreshing end to a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner.


I'll be doing a turkey breast roulade and Memphis style ribs. Not quite sure why but it's going to happen.