questionsdo you like the google's chromebook?


I would like to know this as well. I tried to get in on the beta testing for it but I submitted my application too late.


It's only a good option if you literally do not use a computer for anything but the internet. On that note most tablets are as powerful and more portable. If you really want the form factor of a laptop a similarly priced Windows laptop can do more.

Personally I'd like to like the Chromebook, just don't see a point where it really fits in or makes sense to purchase.


The price is very alluring but it doesn't really make sense. You could get a chromebook for 200 bucks that does almost nothing, or for a little bit more you could get a nexus tablet and bluetooth keyboard that has a smaller screen but does a helluva lot more.

I don't know much about hacking them but that would be my only reason to get one, to either throw windows 7 or linux on it.

The chromebook is a good idea, but maybe a little too far ahead of its time. While a large chunk of what we do is online, we are still used to saving things offline and working from an offline environment.


Here is a conversion I had with one of my customers (edited):
Him 'My PC is busted I think I want a different one'
Me 'That PC is very old what do you all do with it, it may be just time to upgrade'
Him 'Bit of internet and facebook'
Me 'no games?
Him 'No'
me 'How would you feel about a small lightweight cheap 'laptop' that only does internet and facebook?'
Him ' why did you air quote laptop?'
Me 'because it stores all your data on google's website'
him (gets crazy look)
Me 'no hear me out, 5 years ago we downloaded our email (silly at the time because we all had dial up and every one was sending huge joke emails so your computer would sync for like 20 minutes just for mail only for you to delete the mail without even looking at it) That seems crazy now right? Now imagine 5 years from now. Why do you want a PC that has viruses and antiviruses and programs that you need to manage? Why do you share your browsing history with other PC users in the house?


Me 'When you sign on it is your 'session' Your book marks your history your tabs. It is on and ready for a password in 10 seconds'
Him 'No viruses?'
Me 'Well I suppose of you side load a virus, but you will never do that, you will only use the google play store to download'
Him 'Why haven't I heard of this before'?
Me 'They will not telll you about it, BestBuy has a whole section of software you need to buy to keep your PC safe, hard drives and other hardware to keep you up to date. The guy downtown has the same gig, he charges you money to remove viruses and makes you pay for virus checkers. Think about this how much money have you paid me in the last 5 years? If this was my primary job I would not recommend this for you because it would put me out of business. For $250 you can get a laptop that will not get facebook viruses. Remember, your kids can not play PC games on this, any games you bought from Wally World will not work on this. It


I got the free Cr-48 prototype Chromebook for beta testing almost 2 years ago. I absolutely love it, and still use it daily. It's the computer that sits in my living room and I use to surf when watching TV and such. No worries about viruses, incredibly low-maintenance, super fast boot time, very long battery life. And it's lightweight with 3G if I want to travel with it.

I also have a desktop computer that I use for more comprehensive computing needs, but I actually use it less than my Chromebook. The 'book isn't perfect... it slows down when there are too many tabs open, and can have trouble on occasion loading complex websites/flash. But for general lazy-afternoon browsing, it's amazing, and great having a real keyboard instead of a touchscreen on a tablet (which I have also, but generally use for travelling).

It's not for everyone, but I'm very thankful Google gave me the chance to try it out. Most users will need a "real" computer in addition to one, but it's a useful device.


I have 2 CR-48's. Absolutely love them. I'm probably going to retire 1 and pick up the new Samsung soon.
As was mentioned they are perfect for web surfing, Facebook, youtube and the like. Boots from dead cold to fully operational in 8 seconds and runs for days w/out a charge. My friend asked me one day if he could borrow my PC to check some email and messageboard stuff.
"Do you have a google account?"
"Here. Just log into this and it is now Your computer"
All of his gmail, bookmarks and settings were there waiting for him.
And as far as apps, Google Play has a great photoshop clone, Google Docs works quite well and can easily work with MS applications. Once you adapt, you soon realize not everything needs to be on your hard drive.
The Cloud is marvelous.


I don't see where all this talk of Chromebooks not being capable is coming from as there is much more to the Chromebook than browsing Facebook. Google play for multimedia content, Google Drive for office work (including a great calendar app and e-mail program.) I've always enjoyed the tactile response of the keyboard, which is of a quality you won't find on windows machines at the same price (in reference to the Samsung Series 3 model,) a fantastic touch pad and the availability of 3G on certain models. I simply disregard talk of comparison to tablets on this matter...I for one am not doing a spreadsheet on a tablet.