questionswhat does that weird sound on…


Paging @lichme, the creator of wootstalker. (I don't know; not into woot-offs anymore. Sorry.)


@grush1: It is probably the Low Stock alert that plays when an item is at 3% or lower. This option is available so that you know a new item is probably going to be listed soon.

You can disable it, if desired, by changing the setting in the menu on the left. You do not need to click the "Configure" button to turn it off, just change it in the dropdown and it updates real time


@lichme: Thanks, I couldn't figure it out. It would sound sometimes when I was looking at the page and I didn't notice any changes. I've never messed with the low stock selector I've always left it on.

Another question: When I test the popup window it works fine, but I never get any popups when there's a new item, etc. Is there some setting I have to change? Is that for just B'sOC?

Thanks for your help and thanks gmwhit for the page.


@grush1: The auto popup only comes into play when there is a BOC, and since skemmis is on the ball with making the BOC's listed in a unique fashion, it really doesn't get used much any more. If it were to autopop each new item in a window, that would probably get really old, really fast.