questionswhat is the most useless woot site?


For me it's a toss-up between wine.woot (sulfides seriously trigger my asthma) and kids.woot (got none). Wine.woot sometimes has non-wine gourmet goodies, but I've never seen any at a price that I felt tempted by. I have friends with kids, so it's possible kids.woot might be useful for gift giving, but I'm not likely to pay that much for a gift for a friend's kid. It's doubtful I'll ever buy anything from Watches.woot, and shirt,woot doesn't carry my kind of T-shirts (see The Mountain for that). Tech, tools and garden, sport and sellout are more my speed. But all these sites have their adherents.


Is local.woot still around? If so, that.


Sellout.Woot or Moofi.Woot if I would have to pick. The reason being, they aren't unique to any kind of category, may as well list that stuff on Vanilla.

As far as the types of sites, none of them are "useless", they all serve a purpose to different audiences.


@lichme: Yeah, but moofi tends to have better deals on open box stuff. They need to put all plus deals on sellout.woot since that sorta why it was created.

The way the sites are used is the useless part. They sell watches on main woot, they sell kids stuff on sellout... The site name doesn't restrict the type of items being sold. Just make it one big site already!


Regular Woot dot com. yeah, it's the original but since everything has been split into catagories it's just kind of a catch all for things that don't go into the current catagories (NOT an invitation for more!) or things the higher ups want to higlight.


The most useless Woot site is probably the Amazon main office in Seattle.


I'd have to say the most useless site is the new one: Accessories & Watches. I've purchased something from every other Woot site, but nothing has even garnered a second glance from me on A&W. Sorry about that.


I've always liked wine.woot :)

I question whether A&W was really necessary...


Well sir, the bottom line clearly states, deals is the most useless.

If a site is not making money then what use is it?

edit For the few who do not know that is sarcasm.


I see what you did there, very nice!


I'd say it's a toss-up between Accessories and post-AA Shirts.

Accessories stinks because the items simply aren't deals. $80 cologne isn't a deal. Once you factor in shipping the prices are rarely if ever much better than you could do at the local Marshalls or TJ Maxx, and often quite a bit worse.

Shirts is even worse in a way because while the designs are often nice, they're printed on horrible blanks that aren't going to last more than a few washings. Even if they lowered the price to $1 a shirt I still wouldn't buy them because I don't want to get attached to a piece of clothing just to have it fall apart the 3rd time I wear it. Not only haven't I bought a shirt since the switch from AA, I don't even bother checking out the designs anymore.


The one where I can NEVER get a BOC


Accessories & Watches. I guess they ran out of room to add "for the rich" to the logo title.


whoa whoa whoa where are all of these "nice designs" on shirt.woot that I'm hearing about

seems to me it's so cat and meme laden that nice designs shall be... nevermore


Personally, wine.woot, because I don't drink.


All of them. I want the old woot site with nothing but one page.


@lotsofgoats: Ah I see what you did there. Well played.


@moondrake: "Wine.woot sometimes has non-wine gourmet goodies, but I've never seen any at a price that I felt tempted by."

The gourmet goodies were a lot more tempting back in the day of $20 coupons LOL!


Accessories and Watches. I feel bombarded by Invicta watch deals from every angle....TV, internet, everywhere! HELP!