questionshow much should i pay for the service?


It's free to post deals on deals.woot even from your own website. However, please don't spam us with posting your entire store inventory. Just pick a single item that has an awesome price that cannot be matched by any other merchant.

if your site is, you should make the username “sitethatsellsstuff”. It it doesn't match the name of your site, contact one of the staff for assistance.

If you want to have a sponsored deal that shows at the top of the page, then click this link to get more information:


Thanks for asking for assistance!


@cengland0: Can not help my self:
Vendor "wait you do not like spam? Huh? My entire view of the world, changed = mind blown!"


@cengland0: I want to know that what kind of deals will be make as a spam?


There are specific items that are already banned from being posted. If your site sells counterfeit brand names like Rolex watches or Gucci purses, don't post any of those.

The other kind of spam is quantity. If you want to post a different item once a week that you have on sale, that's fine. Just don't post every single thing you have on your site. Pick an item that might be of interest to the woot users.

If everything on your site is on sale with a special coupon code, just post the home page of your site with the coupon code in the body of the deal with a heading of something like "30% off everything from sitethatsellsstuff with coupon code"

After posting one item, a suggestion would be to periodically view the deal to see how many times it was upvoted and how many times it was downvoted. If nobody votes up your deal or you're getting a lot of downvotes, it wasn't a good deal and you may want to pick a different class of items next time.


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@kamikazeken: As you've probably noticed, he's back with another question about posting here.