questionshow do you contact woot about not receiving…


How do you contact woot about not receiving instructions for your watch purchase?* (sorry I couldn't help it, that was just plain terrible)

You can email and they will work with you to solve your dilemma.


@sandrpem: i'm confused? you bought a watch from woot and it didn't come with instructions? or you're looking for instructions on how to purchase a watch from woot?

help us out here.

vote-for1vote-against will be the quickest way, but now that jumbowoot is prowling the ATC simply asking the question might be faster. :)


Interestingly, at the top and bottom of every single woot page there is a link that says "Write Us". If you click on that link, you'll find all sorts of information about to to write (Or contact) Woot.

Except for Deals Woot of course, since Deals woot doesn't actually sell anything. If you bought something off Deals Woot you may have noticed that the site you bought your item from didn't say Woot anywhere on it which is because you didn't buy it from Woot. In that case, you might try contacting the company you actually bought it from.