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my cousin is a florida state trooper. i'm not too sure about this experiences, but he sure as hell gets out of a lot of tickets.

i've also got friends in the FBI and DOJ. but, i've probably said too much already. i'm sure any minute my door will burst open and they'llael rl aerglear lwealmael


My wife's friend's brother is the county sheriff here...does that count?


Two friends are retired local PD. My son is in training right now to be a deputy in Louisiana (his father-in-law is already a deputy).


My best friend's brother was a Reno police officer. He hurt his back on the job and ultimately overdosed on painkillers at age 40. It's a difficult profession in more ways than one.


My next door neighbor was a cop until he was severely injured on the job (not weapon related); he is retired on disability and a stay-at-home dad.

My sister tends to date cops, though not my next door neighbor.

I've done some consulting work for various forms of "law enforcement" though none recently.

While I generally have great respect for cops, it is not something that I would do (too much working with people and not enough working with computers).


My Father was a cop for 29 years and has mixed feelings.
Since he retired some 12(?) years ago, I think he actually misses the work because if ya get him on the topic he won't shut up. However, it did take a lot out of him.

I have tried 3 times to get into an academy (twice in my home city and once in a neighboring city) only to be disqualified every time for nonsense.

I intend to try again and hope that my repeated tries and my renewed efforts to finish my Bachelor's in Criminal Justice might entice them to finally let me in.

HOWEVER, as awful and potentially idiotic as it sounds... because I'm white it's harder to join. My local PD had a radio ad actually saying, and I quote, "If you're female or a minority you are especially encouraged to apply." shrug


I find the profession intriguing, but I don't think I'd ever make it in the job myself. Definitely mixed feelings from my hometown. Small town of 16 thousand people, most people thought we should be, like other neighbouring towns, under county control as the police dept got a huge amount of the budget. Including 200k in 2008 to buy 12 Harley-Davidson custom police cruisers. But I don't think that reflects on the profession, just gives the usual mixed feelings about police.


My brother in law is on the force, has been for a little over 4 years!


To the OP @gmwhit, I'll bite. You are putting 'police brutality' in single quotes.
So you do not believe in a thing such as that? Or your scepticism stems from those particular cases in Central Florida?



@pricecheckaisle5: I sometimes use single quotes - read somewhere that the English do that. No, I'm not English. :-/ Just wanted to emphasize it somehow. Am not sceptical about the reality of police brutality. Do believe it happens. Just seems like there have been a bunch of those charges locally. Complete w/videos. Sorry I was unclear.

Thanks to all who answered! Would love to hear more real life experiences in law enforcement.