questionsleakfrogs are back on sellout.woot!


@jsoko: Well with two minutes difference it would not show up in a search. However though, I was just more estatic that they are back and wanted to share because they were not posted on the deals.woot side. If it is a dupe, then so be it, I will take the rep hit. I will have my 6 leakfrogs to keep me company.


@wisenekt: I didn't mean to insult you. I just posted so that if you saw before deletion time was up you could act.


@jsoko: I don't take anything personal here, that would cause too much unneeded stress. I do wish they would leave the delete button up for longer than a couple of minutes but it is what it is.


@wisenekt: I can't agree with you more here. It would be such a convenience.


I believe the delete button timeout is related to the ability to "Email me when someone else adds an answer." So, when you add a comment, it waits a while before sending the email. Once the email is sent, you cannot delete the comment.


@wisenekt: lol, I wake up and my posting is gone. hahaha


Looks fixed now, let us know if there are more issues!