questionsdid you know woot added the cancel button backā€¦


I like your tags, I don't even bother anymore. Re: your post, good news!


The time frame is a little too limited to get excited about the button. But hey, ya never know.

@zuiquan: I'm thinking someone changed the tags ? I hate when that happens.


Makes sense, I guess. We all know orders don't really ship within 15 minutes, so why not.


For the noobs this only counts on sites own by woot, NOT ON deals.woot.


Actually, sometimes double orders do happen. The cancel button is quite nice because now if I accidentally double order, I can fix it without having to submit a ticket!


@starblind: The cancel button stops it from continuing to be processed in the "system," not from being shipped. The system meaning all the fulfillment processes and people involved.


Pro tip: Put your funny "tags" in the body of the question and they won't get deleted! Leave the real tags for...well, real tags.