questionslookin for a low cost water filter. got any info?


@jsimsace: Nice but it doesn't include personal recommendations from this community...


@hobbitss: Sorry, my bad on that. Sometimes I forget that there are really some legitimate questions here that someone would like an answer to. As for the OP, don't sacrifice price for quality...go with Culligan because they are experts.

Edited to add my apologies for my smartass reply earlier.


OP does not specify if he/she wants a pitcher with filter, a filter for the refrigerator water/ice cubes, a reverse osmosis system, a faucet device, individual bottles with a filter that can be used when out camping, etc. or even a home water cooler. For the pitcher type, I have used both Brita and Pur - currently using Pur which I do like but cannot say it is any better than the prior Brita.


What problem do you have with your water that you want solved? Different problems/different recommendations for a solution.

I have well water that has rust and possibly other stuff I don't want in my drinking water. I use a Zen Water system to filter all drinking and cooking water, and I love it. It's a pain to set up, but only needs replacement filters about every year or so.