questionsdid you know you can donate money to the treasury…


Nope, I've been adding to the national debt by buying savings bonds.



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just wait until they start cold calling people for donations.


You could for a while, according to this article it started back in the 60s. For years I've heard people on both sides chiding rich celebrities (especially if they are famous for nothing other than sports or acting) to put their money where their mouth is and send money there if they think they aren't paying enough taxes.


@mkdr: You're probably right. Probably the latest revision to the law was enacted 1/3/12. Maybe it authorized the webpage? The language is far from clear.


Yes, I did. And, I've been wondering why all these wealthy people (like Buffettt) who say they want to be taxed more haven't just written checks to put their money where their mouth is.


Huh. Even if I were in the position, I wouldn't do it. I refuse to encourage people who refuse to follow a logical budget.


@kmeltzer: Buffet has offered to match contributions from congressmen, but so far nobody has taken him up on it.


Apparently people have donated $8 million this year to pay it down... amazing.

From the article above:
The whole idea of accepting donations to help pay down the national debt didn't exist until 1961, when an anonymous estate left $20 million to the Bureau of Public Debt for just that purpose. Congress had to pass a law in order to be able to accept the money, and a total of $85 million has poured into the bureau's coffers in the 51 years since then.


@samstag: So, he's attaching a condition to doing something he has said he wants to be taxed more to do?

Again, he just won't put his money where his mouth is.


@belowi: Wow. That's astounding. They have managed to collect an extra $8,000,000 in extra taxes from the people of this country.


@kmeltzer: Yea. I'm going to send this link to Buffet. And also every public facing email address of Berkshire-Hathaway.


@kmeltzer: You should probably read the article, because you're misunderstanding the point he's making. He wants the tax code reformed so the rich pay higher rates, including himself. Senator Harry Reid basically said "if you want to pay more taxes just donate to the deficit fund". But even if he donates half of his wealth (the other half is already pledged to charity) he can only make a small dent on his own, so Buffet offered to donate just as much as Harry did, and later extended the offer to other politicians.


@wilfbrim: Haha.. good luck. He knows he can do it, but it's easier to say you want to part with your money, rather than parting with your money.


@samstag: I read the article, and am quite clear on the entire situation. Politics is my sport.

What he (Buffett) is doing is, as he's been doing, is nothing. He talks, but doesn't do anything. He knows he can put his entire wealth in, and it won't do a thing. And, he also knows that raising taxes or matching Reid will do nothing. He also knows that if you tax the "1%" at 100% it will do nothing.

He does nothing, because he knows it will do nothing. But, it's easier to talk large instead of just throwing away the money you earned. Even the uber-rich don't want to do that.


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Sweet then I can avoid paying taxes on the money. (I am assuming it is a tax free donation).


Did you also know that you can toss a pebble into the Grand Canyon?