questionsany bite guard suggestions?


I have a custom-made nightguard but I thought it was bulky and didn't want to wear it. I have tried the boil-and-bite ones and they were all a miserable failure. I also tried the low-profile one from the drugstore -- maybe the doctor's nightguard, or something? -- and it was really comfortable but I seem to have an intolerance to the plastic and I was getting welts. The dentist did not like that one, anyway, and recommended that I stick to the one that I had had made through my previous dentist. I've gotten used to it, now, and don't usually have a problem with it any more. If you don't wear it, your teeth can develop cracks at the base and can sort of burst. Wear the nightguard.

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I get the custom ones my dentist makes for me. In a pinch I have used the OTC heat-and-mold kind from Target when I lost my regular appliance. It was better than nothing, but did not work as well as the ones my dentist has made.


@alpayton: My NTIs were made by the dentist. I've dealt with this all my life and have been through many variations of bite guards.

I'll probably have to go back to wearing one. The bottom seems to make me snore a bit less. Snoring isn't exactly great either though. Sigh.


@thunderthighs: Sorry, I wasn't familiar with the term NTI guard. Have you tried both the upper guards that just cover the front teeth as well as the one that cover all the teeth? I have only used the full upper guards. I have worn them for at least 15 years now. I sympathize with you because I have the same symptoms you do without a guard - unrelenting headaches and sore jaw muscles. I hope you find something that works for you!!