questionswhat's the worst-named prescription drug?


AYDS weight loss drug, that came out in the early '80s just before the AIDS crisis emerged? Imagine being that marketing guy... yeesh.



It's pronounced "Tonight is all" ... which always makes me think of "tonight is all we have." Cue images of waking up alone, or mournful goodbyes just as the eastern sky begins to glow, or gut-wrenching internal conflict as you try to wring a lifetime's worth of love and companionship out of a matter of hours...

Anyway ...

It happens to be an anti-parasitic for some nasty things you can wind up playing host to.



When I saw the commercials, I'd yell out "ZELNORM" in a humanoid robot/alien robot type of voice. It just sounds so brutal and vicious to say out loud.


Awful name. It sounds like a colloquialism for a woman's vagina. Plus it has the same name of the synth band from the 80s (known as Yazoo in the UK).


Oh, I know this one: it always sounds like something for a price check at an older drug store: