questionsordered a dyson vacuum and did not get a tracking…


Deals.woot is a deal aggregator and it doesn't sell anything itself: it's just a place for you to find out about good deals that can be purchased elsewhere on the web. If you purchased something from a deal listed on deals.woot, you have to communicate with the retailer from whom you made your purchase.
Most of us answering your question are not staff, so we don't have any special abilities to view your order history.
If you did make a purchase from a Woot site, you should to check your Woot order history for the site from which you ordered.

Main Woot:
Sellout Woot:
Shirt Woot:
Wine Woot:
Kids Woot:
Home Woot:
(if you're not sure, check them all)


Plus there is a link at the top of each and every iteration of the woot sites that says 'Write Us'.

Interestingly, when you click that link you'll find out how to write to them and get exactly what you are looking for!


I don't agree with down votes for this question. The person is unfamiliar with Woot, and needs help. The Wooters above explained how to address the issue.
Why down vote a person for asking where their product is on a shopping site?


@atd15: I think it is more or less because this type of question happens all the time.


At least he didn't give us his order number, credit card info, name address DOB, etc. like we see from time to time.


@rockytrh: I agree, but Deals.woot is somewhat driven by the Woot community. Think about it. If the first question you asked got negative votes, would you come back, or shop here again?
Woot is awesome to find deals; however, many new customers are not used to the slow shipping times, and lack of communication.


@atd15: The guy didn't ask how to get help, or where to go for help on a purchase he made. He asked a forum to send him an invoice for some purchase he made.

To me, that deserves a downvote. The community can, and will, help. But asking to send a "shipping invoice" to the forum community is kinda lame.


No idea which way to lean here...first time buyer that doesn't know their way around? I think so. No downvote here, but no upvote either.


Look just give me your social security # and all your credit card info and I will get that info to you asap MUHAHAHHAHAHA