questionstanga vs. woot, what's the back story?


I believe Tanga is trolling for woot page views.


I would hope it is kind of a joke. I tend to get somewhat sensitive when I perceive something against woot. I am pretty sure that I wouldn't know what Tanga was if it weren't for Woot and I have bought a few things from them. SO, I guess my point is that Tanga should be thankful for Woot bringing them business because if they are trying to beat woot, they should just give up. That being said, more competition is better for all of us.


Says right under the product:
Just Kidding, We Love Woot! :-)

Woot Lights > Tanga Sign


I'm the one who posted the deal (I bought two of the signs to use for meeting venue guides), and I definitely took it to be a joke. I've bought from Tanga (Woot! was the gateway deal site that started my addiction), and the guys over at Jammin' Butter seem to view Woot! as what they want to be when they grow up. All in fun, folks! All in fun!


It's a cute troll! We love it when people think we're big enough to poke at.


It looks like a good natured joke to me. I don't know what kind of relationship they have with woot, but I can give some Tanga history.

I don't know the full back story of Tanga, but they have been around since at least 2006/2007 (maybe a bit earlier.)

They started out as a woot knockoff, one item a day, but their products were almost exclusively European style board games. I actually spent a pretty good chunk of money with them in those days.

Additionally, they would have a puzzle of the day. It was always a race to see who could solve it first, and if you liked weird puzzles it was a bunch of fun. They were a daily challenge at my work.

At some point they got away from the daily game model and tried to copy woot in concept and merchandise and that's when I drifted away. It looks like they have gone back to offering a daily game in addition to their other merchandise, so its nice to see they haven't forgot their roots.


it's a joke. there is no "tanga vs woot".


I don't think there is really any serious issue. Consider that Tanga takes out Sponsored Deals on Deals.Woot pretty regularly. Or at least they used to before this.


Thanks to everyone for their answers and especially to @rustybender for the little history of Tanga :)


@belyndag: Quite honestly I didn't even see the deal posted. I saw this in the daily Tanga email...


@lichme: I missed that... Guess that's what I get for only looking at the email and not the site, oh well...


I am a regular Tanga user. What is this Woot that Tanga speaks of?