questionshave you seen this beautifully made disney short?


Great. Thanks for posting this.


It's a really good short. I guess they finally learned something from Pixar: Sometimes, going back to how the magic started is better than going where technology has taken us.


The best short films can really make you sit up and think!

This is a lovely short that won an award at Sundance last week:


Thanks, what a great start to my day!


It was in front of something we recently watched, and I liked it much better than the film we paid for. It made me cry in the theater. Thanks for sharing the link so I can share it with my friends.


That was beautiful...thanks so much for sharing!



My wife loves this short. Much better than many movies.

I wish they would go back to this animation style and quit with the computer modeling.

Doesn't Disney own pixar?


Here's an obscure challenge for you guys. Some years ago, maybe ten, I saw a really excellent short film. As I recall it was nominated and may have won an Academy award for best short. It may have been foreign, possibly French.

There's no dialogue. In it there's a little robot guy, and he lives in a dreary, dark world. He works on some kind of machines, and his life is a real grind. But he opens up a plate on his chest to peek inside, and he is filled with light. That moment when the light floods out of him really hit me. I don't recall exactly how it goes but it was very moving and I'd like to see it again. I have looked for it myself but couldn't find it.

In exchange I offer this link to a whole lot of really great animated shorts:

Ah, I have found it. but only on pay to play. It's called "More".


Here's a behind-the-scenes video showing the technology behind the animation:

Pretty cool to see advanced 3D modeling blended seamlessly with 2D hand-drawn artwork. This technology will go places.


Surprised they released this like this. Disney usually holds onto the small shorts like these.
Was very cute. Enjoyed it in theaters.


Been hearing good things about this, but our local heritage theatre is showing the short film nominees this weekend and I want to see it on the big screen first : )