questionswhat is a good led/lcd 36-40" tv?


I guess from personal experience, TVs these days don't seem to last as long as they once did. So I now just buy the cheapest ones out there and they will last about 5 years. Then it'll be time to upgrade to a thinner, lighter, and bigger TV. So far it's been working out.

We have a Dynex that was on Sale at Bestbuy from 3 years ago and it's still going strong, no hint of dying or having any issues at all. So I wouldn't discount any brands just because they are the store brands. I don't notice anything about this TV that makes it any worse than a Sony from several years earlier that eventually exited my life due to a Wii accident. The only thing I can say is that it's cheaper.

My advice is to save the couple hundred dollars and buy a cheap one, and then upgrade several years later when you feel like you really want to see even less of your living room wall. There's less guilt involved in upgrades when they originally were money saving deals. :)

Good luck!


If you're looking for something 40" or under, then you should get a 720p TV. Below 40 inches, there's no noticeable difference between 720 and 1080. 720 is cheaper too.

Here's a handy chart.


The girlfriend just got a 37" Vizio at BJ's for $449 (LCD). They had the LED model for $499. Between the BJ's rewards (2%) and her credit card cash back (2% unless they are running a promo), she'll get back about $20.

She looked at several low end brands (eg. Element, Dynex, and Insignia) but decided that she wanted a name brand.


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