questionswhat's your experience ordering prescription…


I have had good luck with two places - coastal contacts and I have ordered several times from each place. I have only ordered single-vision lenses, without any frills. They are just what I wanted. while I wear progressive bifocals most of the time, there are times (driving, going to a movie, sightseeing) when I just want a wide, clear field of vision. I paid as little as $7.99 for some of the glasses. I tried my first pair of transitions lenses for about $25 total. What a great way to find out if you like the concept in practice - or not - before you spend on your expensive prescription. These all arrived promptly, well-packaged, and with a complimentary cleaning cloth, case (and sometimes a small screwdriver).

Ask your doctor to give you your "PD" measurement, or have a friend measure it for you. This is pretty hard to do on your own. Good luck to you!


There is more to than PD measurements being correct. When the glasses come in, you need to check the axis on the lens. If it is not within tolerance, it can effect your eyesight and cause problems. Also, if the sphere or cylinder are not within tolerance, it too can cause problems. Online glasses are a crap shot at best.


I've had good luck with Zenni. My prescription is pretty simple though; single vision <1 diopter of sphere and cyl.

I think @caron7 has the right idea. Use them to buy cheap glasses and test out new features. Try out bifocals, transitions, different materials, etc.
Or simply buy them for some cheap frames and have an independent shop put in lenses. You can easily find some nice non-designer frames for <$50, and a prescription like mine costs about $50 for polycarb lenses at an indie shop. Much better than paying Lens Crafters $300.


I don't want to give a company free advertizing but I bought 2 pairs of glasses from Eye Buy Direct, and was very happy with the product.
I got the first pair for $20.00 added a second pair for $7.99, and shipping was free because I purchased 2 products. I don't know if this was a promo.
The frames were good quality, and came with free hard cases.