questionsis the cart causing shipping confusion to anyone…


Yes, this would be helpful. I had the same problem not long ago. I ordered 4-5 items and the all shipped seprately. I had no idea what to expect or when to expect it. This would be perticularly if I had ordered say a 65" TV and a $1.50 screw driver. If they are shipped sepreatly I'd really like to be able to tell which one is coming when. I realize with items this different I could tell by the weight but if I have an expensive item coming that weighs apporimately the same as a cheaper one, I'm screwed. My TV or surround sound may have sat in the rain because I didn't know which day to leave early from work.

I would also be okay with waiting until all of my items were ready to be shipped.


haha perticularly, go ahead grammer nazis that one is ready for grading


@nmchapma: It's even worse when it is shipped by the PO, they do not list the package weight. One would not expect them to be handling a TV but for other expensive items, it would be nice to know what tracking number relates to what item.


We hear you, and agree, it seems a little confusing. Hopefully we'll be able to improve that in the near future.


@capguncowboy: And it is all good stuff or we would not be buying it!


@gatzby: Thanks for the response. On the off chance, do you know if the Sansas are shipping yet? Trying not to get too concerned since it has only been a week but the other stuff in my order shipped so quickly.


@gatzby: So I got my Sansa but I never got a seperate tracking number for it. It seems like this could be a concern so I will open up a ticket so the issue can be looked at. I know that the system has been slow at spitting out tracking numbers but I got my Sansa last week and still no number. Just seems rather odd.


@wisenekt: From what I hear, the developers are working on this very issue, but I couldn't get an ETA on deployment yet. So, thanks for your feedback! We're definitely using it to make some changes. Hang in there.

Edit: Also, sorry for not getting back to you, just saw your inquiry about shipping now.