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Woof! Bark... bark bark bark....bark bark bark bark.

edit You mean Welcome to the Facebook.

It counts as 1 more friend. My limited understanding of The Facebook is 'more friends equals more self worth'. (I saw it on southpark).


I love my pets very much, but I'd like to think they are smarter than to get caught up in facebook. Really, I have raised them better than that, and is posting on facebook any more productive than sniffing another dogs butt? I think is is the human equivalent, in some cases.

They only time this sort of thing is forgivable, is when the person is lashing out against excessive posts regarding human offspring, by posting in kind. I admit that I have sent the vet a thank you card signed by all, but even that is admittedly iffy. I also send Christmas cards with a family picture, but that is satire, and those on my Christmas list understand that. ( see above)


I think Facebook should support it officially. And then allow me to block seeing them at all.

This is not as bad as using children or pets as your primary profile picture. That's not you. Stop it! Makes you hear their words in weird voices.


I made an account for my rabbit because he's got some international fans who wanted to keep up with his exploits. But he doesn't send friend requests, play games, or comment on other users. It's strictly for people who request it.


Not sure it's fair to the kid, who will have that follow him/her around forever.
So I vote no on that one.
Pets ? I know some who use the name and picture of their pets to try and have some sort of anonymity on FB
As for someone making one for their pet and having one of their own. Well live and let live.

Personally, I don't do FB, so I don't worry about this stuff so much.


report their accounts to facebook.
facebook rules clearly state you must be 13 to open an account.


I don't currently (knock on wood) have any friends who engage in this odd behavior. I would, however, find it incredibly annoying! It's not just you.


I have a friend who posts pics and who's name shows up on Facebook as the family dog, in order to keep in touch with her children without releasing her personal information. Note: the children (in their early 20s) are aware of this and don't see it as some creepy stalking mechanism. I think so long as I'm not being inundated with senseless/annoying posts on my newsfeed then it doesn't bother me. And hey, every once in awhile seeing a post from a dog is pretty heartwarming.


Personally, I find all of Facebook (and Twitter) annoying and a gigantic waste of time.
Some friends (they are a couple) and I were discussing this one day and they "tried" to demonstrate all the positive facets of Facebook but all they really did was bolster my opinion that it is not only stupid and a waste of time, but can, in fact, be dangerous if you don't stop and really analyze every single thing you post.

From all the convincing they did, I could agree with maybe 5-10% of it and if those things were the majority of what you find on FB it would be different, but most of what they showed me and what I already knew, the truly important or useful things are a very small minority and you have to wade through so much junk and ridiculousness to even find the worthwhile stuff.

One of their "selling points" was re-connecting with people you went to school with or others from your past.
Well, if I cared anything about being connected with them, I would have stayed In touch.


@donslin: The last person who tried to convince me ended up admitting to having her high school stalker renew interest, and a creepy ex as well. I didn't have to say anything, I think she realized as she was talking, she was loosing me. The good news is, more people I know are spending less time on it.


@donslin: I thought I was the only person left on the planet who doesn't have and doesn't want any social media accounts.

I am so happy to know I'm not alone.


One of the social networking sites had a special section for pets. maybe for rescued pets. I got some kind of invite and set up pages for my dogs many years ago, and now I can't for the life of me remember what the site was. It was productive as I got a few questions about doing senior rescue, dealing with a rescue with temperament issues, and rescuing giant breed dogs. One person was so taken with Topaz' photo and story that she created a bas relief ceramic bust of her and mailed it to me. I think as long as it doesn't harm any living thing, people should be able to enjoy their pets in any way they like. But sending you emails from the pet and expecting you to respond falls somewhat under "harming others". My Christmas cards usually include me and the pets in front of the Christmas tree, but I live alone and I am not going to send out a photo of just me. I got some nice snow on the desert shots this year so I may just use those instead of "family" shots this year.


I'm a member of the anti-social network. I don't care what you're doing, and I don't want you to know what I'm doing.