questionshas anyone had a bed bath & beyond coupon lately?


I actually just got one in the mail yesterday. It seems that if you don't use them, they taper off in how many they send you - but if you do use them, they start sending them all the time again. I had stopped getting them for a while, but used one or two that I had laying around and now I'm on the normal rotation again.

FYI - even if the coupon has an expiration date on it, I have NEVER had any BB&B refuse a coupon (even one that had "expired" over a year prior). I've actually heard a cashier say they will always take an expired coupon (also heard this at Dick's Sporting Goods). So if you happen to find any old ones laying around you thought you couldn't use, give it a try.


If you sign up, you should get a printable coupon shortly thereafter. I'd assume by tomorrow.


@intensesupernova: Many thanks, that worked like a charm! 20% off is at least as good (if not better) than the coupons I usually got in the mail from them.

I'd vote you up more than once if I could...


I had always heard the "urban legend" about the BB&B coupons. Thanks for giving it validity!


Their stocks have been plummeting lately...not sure why though.


It is BB&B policy to not honor expired coupons any more. I see that in areas where there are many other options, they still seem to do it, but it's against their corporate policy to do so. I only point this out so that someone who gets refused won't feel bad.

A really good way to keep them coming is to always see that they're used. If you have a 20% off coupon, and you don't need anything, drop by the store, and hand it to someone with a big ticket item. You build up good karma, and you get more coupons. I have had an actual stack of these coupons (around 7 or 8), more than once, and handing them out is a good time. It's a few minutes of my time, and a lot of smiles.

BB&B is one of my favorites in any case. I like to visit, just in case they had something that I didn't know I needed until I saw it.

{I usually just recycle the circulars with the $5 off coupons, though. I want to encourage more 20% stuff instead.}


@shrdlu: good note! I hadn't heard that they changed that policy. I haven't had any issues with expired coupons recently, but I will be mentally prepared in the future. Thanks for that heads up!

Interesting you mention handing out your coupons - I actually got back in good graces by giving my coupons to my newlywed SIL who was getting lots of stuff for the wedding there. I had a file folder full that I wasn't using. I will start bringing mine to the coupon exchange table at work so maybe they will continue to get used if I'm not using them.


They haven't changed their policy on taking competitors coupons have they? Though those always did have to be recent and without LInens and Things, their competitors are well, not a lot. Generally local business I don't bother collecting coupons for when I have hundreds of bed bath coupons.

Bed Bath has too much competition here, and always will for them to stop accepting expired or multiple coupons. They did and there would be an uprising.

And those old 20% offs that don't exclude Dysons etc, are worth a ton here, because they take them at face value--they don't exclude anything. Anyone throwing away coupons--send them to me.

Seriously, I live in a land where the cashiers take coupons from 2000 that are water stained and torn and you can use as many coupons in one visit as you like and if three products add up to 15$, hand over your coupon. You can never have enough coupons here and you're crazy if you don't walk in with a giant folder.

Bed Bath and Beyond is a strange place.


@shrdlu: I hadn't heard that policy had changed. I just went to BB&B today and used a coupon that expired in August of '09. Maybe my BB&B just didn't get the memo? In any case, I'm going to continue to bring and use them until they tell me otherwise. :)


You can use BBB coupons at the other BBB owned stores too: Buy Buy Baby and Harmon. The only catch is that they cant be expired coupons. Expired coupons only work at the BBB stores themselves.


Just used an expired coupon yesterday. No hassles at all . I also recently returned two items, no receipt or packaging for a 100% store credit. Bbb is very customer oriented and will do almost anything to ensure a positive retail experience.


@shrdlu: But the $5 off coupons are better until you are spending more than $25 on an item. So let's say I'm going and I'm getting a bunch of boxes of hangers. They cost $22 and I can use a 20% off on each of them. But it's cheaper to use a bunch of $5. Or if I get a bunch of little things that cost $2 and $3 and $4 dollars, when it hits $15, I can use a $5 off. Of course, I can use a 20% in a similar manner, but I get less off.

20% offs are great for medium-large items. But how often do you buy items that cost that much? The circulars come more often, but I buy cheap stuff there too. And BB&B sends out a 20% off everything in the store once a year, maybe more (depending where you live) and gives them out in store on Black Friday, etc.

If your store doesn't take expireds, that could be a problem. But I couldn't find anywhere where it stated a change in BB&B corporate policy. Where are you getting this from?


@anoted: Here's the official statement from their FAQ:

*{Do your stores accept expired Bed Bath & Beyond coupons?

Each coupon has an expiration date and we ask that our customers use the coupon during the event period.}*

Note that the words are phrased such that individual stores may either quote it as policy, or choose to ignore it. I've found that in areas where BB&B has plenty of competition, they're very lax about the rule, while stores that have a more or less captive audience are not.

I had also called them about it, and the nice person on the other end of the phone did her very best to try not to answer it, but finally said that yes, the policy was that they preferred not to honor them.


@shrdlu: fascinating...most of the other faqs are much more specific and have the date they were most recently updated. this seems very purposefully vague so that if at any time they want to or need to make a change, this has been here, but at the same time, they can operate the way they always have and not have an FAQ that says otherwise date stamped years ago. it's clever. that way they don't create a standing policy of ignoring their own written policy. it's quite smart.


I talked to our local Bed, Bath & Beyond today, and was told by a manager that they will accept any coupon beyond its expiration date unless it is home printed, such as email or text message coupons. However, the ones mailed or clipped from their ads are good indefinitely, and we should save them. I also asked about the fine print on the coupon, as my son used a 20% off mail coupon for a Breville juicer, a $399.99 product, but I noticed they were excluded on the coupons. They said that wasn't a problem. They would accept it as long as the juicer was in stock. The only thing they cannot legally accept the coupons for are the Dyson vacuum when on sale, and the Meille vacuum, whether or not it is on sale.