questionshave you heard about comcast's great new secret…


I just called them and (in my area anyway) it only gives you channels 2-20. Definitely something to consider but I'm not ready to give up The History Channel just yet!


I have it. $39.99. You only get local channels and I pay $20 more for HD and their top internet speed. Total of $60, down from $130. Well worth it, IMHO. We stream most of our content via receiver, TV, or AppleTv anyway.


(Sigh) We have one cable company in town and it's not them.


I've been away from home most of the day and haven't yet had time to call Comcast, but from the comments thus far this "secret" pricing sounds like a mixed bag.

I'll call them this evening or tomorrow to see what I can get in my community.


@magic cave: I found it on their website, look under "blast plus", on the scrolling offers on the home page. Once you get to that page it says Internet plus. I was even able to get the pricing in my area. There are upgrades for up to 45 channels too, might just be the segue we need to make the transition to (eventually) total streaming.
Thanks for mentioning this!


@pickypickypicky: Thank you for adding more info. I have "call Comcast" on my chore list for tomorrow.


Very annoying. It would appear that Comcast is only available on the west side (aka $$$$), and I live in central ($$). The comparable package from Time Warner is $80 per month at the promotional rate, more than half again Comcast's $50 promotional rate. I was ready to switch, too. I'm current paying AT&T $45-55 a month for 6mp DSL (the base rate is $45 but I keep getting hit with a $10 overage fee). If the $80 from Time Warner were a stable rate I'd consider switching to get the TV and faster internet speeds, but I am not willing to give up the email address I have had for many years (and just ordered 1,000 business cards printed) for a one-year promotional rate.