questionsdid you hear nintendo is turning off wii and ds…


Bummer - I guess the Wii U sales are lacking and they feel this is a way to force you to upgrade. I enjoy playing the Pokemon game on my Wii that I downloaded with points, too bad. I guess I know where my Wii will be going in June, to the garage sale.


@kbsig106: do you play that pokemon game online? If it is just a single player game then this won't effect you. I find this decision very disappointing for sure but I don't plan to abandon my Wii over it. The Wii u is coming down in price but I'm not inclined you switch yet. The Wii u has no game cube compatibility; if that was added in I'd be more interested.


@kbsig106: They're not forcing me to upgrade. They're forcing me to continue using my other console.


I wonder if that includes being able to purchase DLC. I bet game publishers are going to complain if they cut off that revenue stream (such as it is).


@rayray8822: Your first comment sounds like something that would be said by someone who doesn't own a Wii and complains that it lacks in online options. While I am disappointed that they are shutting it off, it does not cripple the ability to use the Wii on its own - I'm not personally familiar with any games that require connectivity.

As for your second comment, I would expect it would make it impossible to purchase new DLC but it should not effect what has already been purchased (although said DLC would only be useful in a non-connected manner after May 20).


@lparsons42: No, I own a Wii. We just hardly ever play it any more. (Sound familiar?)

I agree with the theory that they're crippling the Wii in hope of increasing Wii U sales. I just think it smacks of desperation and lack of inventiveness/creativity.


Playing Mario Kart online was always fun. So much for that.


@rayray8822: I do think they are shooting themselves in the foot here over Mario Kart; in particular they are turning off connectivity 10 days before releasing a new Mario Kart for the Wii U.

Whether this really is intended to get people to move up to the Wii U or not I'm not sure. I've never seen any meaningful data on how much online play - particularly beyond Mario Kart - so it isn't really clear how much this will change how people play with the Wii. After all, the last Wii (not Wii U) console that Nintendo released was the mini, which has zero online capability but comes with Mario Kart.


There is a bonus. Once we get the hack for the current version, we'll never have to worry about another one. No more forced updates, so I'm thinking that the Wii might just become a great platform where you can hack it for a friend or loved one and not have to tell them that the upgrade they did killed the hack. YEA NINTENDO!!!


@lparsons42: My son plays the game on-line, I just play local (non-online). I think we paid something like 1200 points for the game and store it on the SD card.


@smboyd1: I've soft modded my Wii and my kids use it now more than ever. Not having to swap games is my favorite part, plus now I don't have to worry about the kids scratching the discs.

When you softmod it blocks updates so you don't have to worry about updating even now.


@zapp brannigan: Where did you learn to do that? Can you post a link?


@rayray8822: I have one Wii that I hacked using the "letter bomb" method:

It's pretty straightforward and almost idiot proof. I'm not aware of a newer version of the Wii OS than the newest version that this works with (4.3U).


@rayray8822: I used this link which is full proof.

I will say I did not fully follow their instructions. I autoboot USB Loader GX by using a modified priiloader so you don't have to click on USB Loader GX. I tried to tell priiloader to autostart but it wouldn't I had to force it.

Edit: I'm almost positive I have Bootmii autobooting USB Loader GX. I can verify if you need but I couldn't get it to work any other way. Make sure you have you wii connected to wifi so you can get covers.


Wii U was a waste, all they needed to do was find a way to upgrade the wii. The wii is so family friendly, this just makes me not want to purchase any more systems from Nintendo.


@mkentosh: Hardware upgrades haven't generally worked out very well for game consoles; remember the Sega 32x and Sega CD? Neither sold well, both were expensive, and both had problems. Furthermore as the Wii U uses a higher density optical drive, an upgrade would have required some way to connect a new drive to the system, which would have invariably confused some customers.

In short, I don't think they had any choice in the matter. Hopefully as the price nudges down and more titles are released sales will pick up.


@lparsons42: We bought both the Sega 32x and the N64 Memory Expansion Pack.


Doesn't effect me too much. I have the Wii and got the WiiU as a gift for my last birthday. I still play both (even though I know you can download the Wii info to the WiiU). I think they said the shop will stay open, so any content that is currently in the shop will still be able to be purchased and such. Really though, I don't see this as a desperation move or sign of stupidity or any such nonsense on Nintendo's part.

They have a new system, it didn't do as well as hoped over the Christmas season (probably due to lack of titles and games in the WiiU shop at the time), and now they can't really afford to be supporting both the new system and the old. I never got the subtle "Nintendo hate" that some gamers have. Yes, it's more family friendly, yeah they don't have the DLC of other systems. The second they decide to close down online support for an out-dated system people start with, "Too kiddish, more multiplayer, they should go to games only" talk. Geez people!


@bluejester: I'm not sure I would call most cases of Nintendo hate "subtle". I'm not entirely sure what actually fuels it in most cases aside from the fact that some people really just feel like they always need something to hate and Nintendo will do.


Personally it doesn't affect me. I noticed that one game I love, Samba de Amigo, is on the list, but honestly I don't think I ever was aware of an on-line aspect to the game. I'm digging the "World Party" mode of Just Dance 2014, but that's not on the list, to my surprise. One game that I had heard had a strong online collaboration component was Wii Music, but I have no idea whether that's still an active community. But I'm sure there are plenty of kids and adults who are bummed out over this announcement.


I don't get the point of shutting off the capability for those who already bought the device.

I'm not going to run out and buy a new Nintendo handheld. I'll likely just buy someone else's device now. Since my old one will now have less ability than it used to.

Bummer for Nintendo. Not for me.