questionshave any good recipes for helping me lower my…


Try the Flat Belly Diet book. It's based on a Mediterranean diet, has vegetarian recipes and my numbers have never been better since I started using these recipes.


Try switching coconut oil for butter in most cooking. It's got a better fat ratio and doesn't effect flavor too much.


I agree with @thumperchick. Remember, there ARE such things as good fats.

What are your ratios? Has your doctor ordered apolipoprotein a1 and b tests yet? The levels of these tests are actually a better indicator of future cardiac/stroke occurrences. Google for the INTERHEART study, which was a large international case—control study about risk factors for myocardial infarction with more than 9000 patients. The results were extremely interesting and doctors who keep current on new information should be relying on the ratio between these two levels as well.


@lavikinga: Nope, she hasn't ordered any further tests yet. I'm not sure on the ratios, just know my "bad" cholesterol needs to come down 10pts and my "good cholesterol" could use raising 10pts. I think she isn't concerned enough yet to warrant further tests and is giving me some time to bring it down on my own. If after 3 months it hasn't changed despite my efforts, I think she will likely go further.

@thumperchick: I tend to almost never use butter, I love to cook with ev olive oil even when it adds a distinctly different taste than what I'm cooking (i.e. I use it in pad thai). I will have to pick up some coconut oil.


Cheerios. Helped my sister-in-law. So she said.


I do not have any specific recipes, but perhaps try using sesame oil when making Asian dishes. Apparently it has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and is a good source of things like magnesium and Vitamin E.

It is very tasty when you use it for fried rice and stir fry veggies.

Natto and green tea are also supposed to be good for cholesterol health.


sorry, nothing too exciting on this page, but it did have a few tips that helped my grandma who recently passed away found useful. I would say stay on top of that as a few studies have linked some forms of the beetus to Alzheimer's (which is how my grams went)