questionsis anyone else getting errors trying to click any…


I cannot read this question, nor can I respond. I hope you can read this answer since it is not here.


I clicked around some and didn't get errors. Can you give a specific example?


Clear cache/temps
Restart brower
Try another browser


@thunderthighs: On every link I get the "Yikes, there's been a server error" on IE, Chrome, Firefox. How it is working on my iPad's Safari. I tried logging out and back in to no avail. Weirdness.


@thunderthighs: it started working on Firefox but not Chrome or IE for me on my computer. Additionally when I entered the question originally I hit post but then got the error but obviously it was posted.


@patentdude: nevermind. Firefox is broken again.


@patentdude: Restart your computer. Virus scan time.


@thunderthighs: No virus found after reboot. Still fails when left clicked, but weirdly doesn't when I right click and open a new tab.


@patentdude: Strange. Nobody else is report errors though so for now, I'm gonna have to say it's something on your end.


Could be your ISP. I usually have a hard time getting woot to load properly. Check you internet connection and do a speed test. The weird thing is it is almost only woot that I have a problem with.


It was happening to me at work on 3 browsers as well, but not at home.


@meh3884: Firewall and perhaps some sort of tracking/blocking software on the office computer.


Still getting the error as well. I too am at work. Guess I won't be participating much during the weekday except through my iPad.


Yeah, this just started happening yesterday. It's not our work network, nothing has changed. I know, I work with it. ISP is a possibility, but strange.


I have been getting the "server error"for multiple days on multiple computers in multiple locations.

If I try long enough, I'll eventually get through.

But for now, deals.woot is pretty broken for me- I can only see the list of deals.


Deals.woot started working for me again! Woot!