questionswhat needs to be done to make sure a rental…


Start with the county. For us it's at the county public works office; if it's not the same for you they can point you in the right direction.

Some municipalities have all kinds of rules connected to renting out something like that, others don't care. You'll have to look around. Could contact your realtor and ask where to start with that question.


Planning and Zoning Dept. to start with,
to see if it is allowed in your neighborhood, then the Building Dept. to obtain a "Building Permit".

All work would have to be done by a Licensed and Insured Home Re-modeler, with proof of both, they could get the permit or to save some money the home owner can also get it.

It would have to be inspected at various intervals per the Building Dept. to make sure it is being built to the local codes, for Plumbing, Electrical and so forth, if not, the will make the person doing the work re-do it to their satisfaction.

This is according to Ct. standards. I was a Building Contractor for 25+ years.

Maybe you can check on-line first in your area to get the info. in-incognito !


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