questionswould you like to see canvas-art or other wall…


Some designs are downright awesome. Wife is a fan of "The Scream" and loved the shirt on woot today. I typically won't purchase a shirt on here but can appreciate the artwork and creativity. Nevermore is also fantastic and would look great on canvas.

Anything harping on a meme or a videogame... I'll pass.


Short answer is no. A lot of the designs which work on a shirt just wouldn't work blown up bigger (and more expensive) on the wall. Besides, Woot needs to work on its more fundamental issues first before offering yet more stuff.


From time to time, they have offered posters, but that is few and far in between.

As for turning shirts into hanging art, there was info/discussion here:

+1 to @starblind about Woot working on fundamental issues first; most of the regulars here know my gripes.


I wouldn't. I don't have wall space. I'd really just rather they printed them on AA shirts. The Anvil ones won't fit me after being washed because they shrink a ton. I just don't go there anymore.


I feel like it would have to be separate from shirt.woot. With that said, I think it would improve the designs. On a shirt, you're forced into the pop culture meme box to maximize sales; I don't think that's the same case with posters or prints.


Yes! I seldom wear tshirts but I've really liked a lot of the artwork.


Are the iPhone cases still around? I looked briefly the other day but couldn't find it anymore.

Some canvas-art options would be cool, but probably prohibitively expensive. Some would look good on a wall, but most of the shirts wouldn't.


@thedogma: i think that woot plus sale ended some time in august. hopefully they'll bring it back again!

as to the original question, i think a few prints would look nice on canvas, but i agree with the sentiment that it would probably be cost-prohibitive. i do hope they do more posters again. i would definitely buy some of the prints if they came as posters.


I have no doubt in my mind that I would FILL my house with works like "Sunset" (, Nevermore (, and practically anything from James Cho ( /