questionswhy was my deal expired prematurely?


I don't know why it was RIP'd, but your pejorative use of "dummies" is unnecessary.

Repost your deal.


Premature expiration? I believe a doctor can help with that...


@shrdlu: I responded, I am still seeing the active coupon code as of this post at 11:43a EST


@shrdlu: He may have gotten that message when he tried it, but I just tried it (29 minutes after his post) and the coupon still works.


@magic cave: It's probably going to be collateral damage from the Woot Off, then. The system gets overwhelmed with traffic, and it seems like it takes a bit for notifications to get through. @jumbowoot is probably just as busy as the rest of them.

@justincredibleg: I wouldn't hold out much hope for it. Goodness, there were a lot of downvotes on comments on that deal. It made me really sad to see it.

Good luck. Who knows? Maybe JW will unrip it. I know that reposting it isn't quite the same, since you won't get the votes up that you did previously.


Just an FYI - The first rule of Meritline daily cheapie deals - check back every 15 mins or so if it shows expired, it may go active again.

Meritline tends to increase the quantity on an item if there is a great deal of interest in said item. I buy lots of their cheapie items and I have seen it happen many, many times.


@theoneill555: That's a valid point, but here's the thing that is throwing me:

That's @jumbowoot, telling @magic cave to repost, instead of @justincredibleg, who was the original poster.

JW, old friend, what's up with not just un-RIPping this instead of suggesting that it be reposted? Is it not possible to reverse the RIP any more? I would think a quick reversal made a lot more sense than a repost. There were 47 (+49 -2) votes on this. Reposting will, at most, give it a few. Please consider reversing the RIP, instead, before meritline runs out of whatever it is that the deal was about.


@shrdlu: Indeed a bummer. I haven't had a 50+ deal in a while and it seems it won't be happening today


Notify if mention still seems broken for me (@shrdlu, that is). This is just a test to check on whether refreshing my settings helped or not.

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