questionshave you let your jumbowoot coupons expire…


Sure. Why go out of my way to buy something just to use it, if it's something I don't want or need? The thing is, for me, it really is the thought that counts.

I love the recognition of it, but that's enough. I actually prefer the smaller coupons (when they arrive), because it's the equivalent of free shipping, and I'm more likely to use them.


ohcheri did put up a warning 3 days ago -

And as the coupon code was received for activity here on deals woot, the reminder was accurately placed.

Personally, I put a sticky note on my computer when Jumbo sends out more awesomeness. I have a woot shirt/hoodie collection that needs expanding and I tend to use my JumboRewards early.


@shrdlu: you're right. it's the thought that counts.
i have two $5 sitting in my account at the moment. just waiting. i haven't bought anything, but then too i haven't seen anything that was a maybe i might want. why spend just to spend-we aren't the government with unlimited people to tax for income.


I let one expire once...just forgot.

Hasn't happened since.


Nope. If I get close to the deadline without finding any deals I want to use it on, there's usually a shirt or something that I want.


Nope. Picked up a kindle waterproof bag and a flying screaming monkey. Can never have too many of those...

Woot-offs are always more dangerous for me when I have a coupon laying around.


I use Windows 7 so use the Sticky Notes feature. Makes it easy to remember, especially during a woot-off.

I think I have had one or two expire though.


I've only gotten 1 so far, and have already bought a few items and completely forgot to use it! I'm sure I'll remember before it expires (famous last words).


I only had one left and the whiskey stones were the perfect fit. Since the $5 covered my shipping, I only payed $6 for the stones. Too good of a deal to pass up. Plus the $5 coupon is perfect for the low dollar items that pop up every now and then; it makes all the difference in the world!


I had a big coupon that I had for three months and I just didnt find anything to spend it on until about 5 days before it expired. I always knew I had it though because I had it stared in my gmail in the center section of my email and I saw it every day.
I ended up buying my nephew a Tonka truck with it. I sent it to him and then told my sister to tell him there was something in the box for him but he cant open it until easter. Hehe... what a way to tease a 3 year old :-p

I can remember numbers and dates in my head really well so I always have a date in mind and the amount of coupons to use whenever I am on Woot. I was going to spend a coupon today on a cutting board but the ones I wanted sold out too fast. I then found out they warp and then I was thinking maybe it was good I didnt buy any!


I haven't yet. If there is not a large dollar purchase I am interested in usually I can pick up a cheaper item using free shipping that I can make use it. One time I bought 3 calenders for a penny each with "free shipping" since for a penny I know I can make use of it. When I received $20 coupons I was more picky waiting for something I really wanted and figured if it came down to the deadline I could always just use it to get a "free" shirt.


I just let a $5 coupon expire. Forgot about it until there was only a couple days left in the mouth. Didn't see anything cheap I wanted. But I'll be damned if I let a $20 coupon expire!


I used my $5 coupon for a poster. Also got a $10 credit on one of my credit cards for lack of use, so it basically came out to free.


5 dollar ones are prolly going to go unused this time around, they really just offset shipping costs. No harm though, generous offer from deals regardless on the coupon codes!


I always use them. If I don't know what to buy I'll just spend them on shirt :)... I can't have enough Woot shirt.


I am glad jumbowoot gives me the coupons. Sometimes I find things I want. But sometimes I just don't.


I let the last one expire it was my mistake the year is a quarter over.