questionsdoes anyone have any good board game suggestions??


I assume you're looking for games everyone can play at once? A lot of traditional board games (like Parcheesi, Sorry or Scrabble) limit you to four players at a time. Try a dice game like Yahtzee or Farkle - there's pretty much no limit to how many people can play. Uno is good too, but if you have more than 6 people you'll probably have to combine 2 decks to have enough cards.


@wingnutzero: +1 for Farkle, that brings back all kinds of fun games memories.

Addtionally, Bananagrams is a faster, more fun version of Scrabble. In short, you are given 7 - 10 letters (depending on the number of players) and have to make words. When someone runs out of tiles, everyone draws from the middle until all the tiles are used. Then you call out your words. It takes a few turns to get used to, but it is really fun. You get the word game thing, and it doesn't take nearly as long as Scrabble.


I still love Trivial Pursuit and we aren't super competitive so we cheat and it's even more fun...especially if alcohol is involved. My husband I play cribbage all the time and I think I've seen boards for multiple players.


For Christmas I bought my step-dad at game called Liar's Dice (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest). Easy rules and you don't even need to buy the game. You need one opaque cup per person and 5 dice per person. Everyone shakes their dice and dumps the cup over(keeping the cup in place and their dice hidden from everyone else). Then you take turns besting the bid (2-3s, 3-4s, 5-5s, 20-6s,etc) until someone calls a bluff. Everyone uncovers their dice and the dice are tallied to see if it was a bluff or not. If it was a bluff, the person bluffing loses one of their dice. If it wasn't a bluff, the person calling the bluff loses a die. The winner is the last person with a die (or dice). If you want to make it different, use dungeon dice (D10, D12, of D20. I wouldn't suggest a D100 as they are difficult to read).


Apples to Apples is a fun group game for 4-10 people. You can get expansion packs for it too. I've even seen Bible and Jewish editions of the game.


I played a lot of Scattergories with the family, and Pictionary is still pretty fun.

Addiontionally,the Buzz Time home trivia game is a blast, and you can buy countless expansion packs


Clue, Scattergories (not really a board game, but great nonetheless), Cranium (the original), and Balderdash -- All are great games that NEVER get old.


I recommend Bang!

It's a spaghetti western themed card game that is crazy fun to play. If you have 6 players, you end up with:

1 Sheriff (he winds if the outlaws and renegade are dead)
2 Deputies (Assist the sheriff, they win if the sheriff is alive)
2 Outlaws (they win if the sheriff is dead)
1 Renegade (He wins only if he is the last man standing)

Everybody gets randomly dealt a position, only the sheriff flips his role cards over. Everybody else only knows who they are and who the Sheriff is.

It is crazy fun.


Cosmic Wimpout.
It's a dice game with unbounded players. Really fun if people get into it (and they do).


Settlers of Catan. Easy to play. Very strategic. Fun!


Sorry is a lot of fun but is limited to 4 people.


Catch Phrase is a good one. Here's a mini version for $10:
Some of the questions can get repeated if you play a lot though.


Another vote for Uno, especially Uno Attack--I've played that with anywhere from 4 to 10 people, and it worked fine. It was either a combined deck, or maybe Attack! comes with a larger deck by default. But having the machine deal out a random number of cards when you have to draw--that makes it more interesting.


This video examines Monopoly and extrapolates what other games you may like based on which of the mechanics of Monopoly most interests you.


Tribune is great. Limit of 5 people, though.


My whole family is really into board and card games. We have amassed a lot of these games and play them whenever we get together. Some of them are harder to learn than others, but I will mark the easy ones with an (E) so that you can choose ones that suit your need the most. I would still look these up on amazon to get a better idea, or just google them.

Board Games:

(E)Settlers of Catan
(E)Small World
Puerto Rico
Power Grid
(E)7 Wonders

Card Games:
(E)Apples to Apples
(E)Dix It


@rockytrh: I love this game! I actually saw this post after listing it on my post, but thought I would also comment on Bang! I have the hard-case bullet version of the game (includes 3 expansions and some other goodies) at my fraternity house. We do have a geeky side to us and play games a lot (Settlers, Apples to Apples, and Bang! to list the popular ones). I just introduced this game to the house and everybody loves it! It is really easy to learn and a lot of fun! And if you want to get it cheaper than amazon, I would look at ebay!!



221B Baker Street(Sherlock Holmes Game)



Check out the game Polarity It was very popular for a while and hard to find but now I see it around more often. It might appear at first like a free-form version of GO but it is entirely different than anything you've played before. Players take turns balancing magnets on a canvas matt, with the north/south denoted as black/white sides. The game is a good pick up once you establish the basic rules. The gameplay can dramatically change in a moment. It's cool to play something without cards, dice, or squares to move through for a change.


As mentioned by @hirshy: dominion, dixit, and citadels are all great games to play might want to also check out one of the ticket to rides. The US is nice because your familiar with it but if you get the euro you get tunnels & ferrys, and if you get the marklin you + passengers.

Also check out this site

has lots of tabs with lists of great games at the top family games, party games, war games etc.

Video reviews of above games:
Ticket to ride:

Obviously there are a lot of other reviewers on there but I like Tom Vassel his reviews are usually pretty good and he's a nice enough guy same for Scott.

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Those are great gateway games though and will be played again and again least are by the couple of groups I play with. If you have any other questions I'll be happy to help. I'll try to think of something else to add other than ticket to ride. Just those are the ones always off the top of my head that everyone seems to love.


THANK YOU ALL FOR THE EXCELLENT RESPONSES TO MY QUESTION! I'm going to search around online for a few of these games, and hopefully these should help switch things up a bit for my friends and I... Thanks a million! Love this site...


Anyone checking this out late... Quelf is a great game... especially if youre going to be drinking with friends. I highly recommend