questionsdid you hear that the sesame street count von…


I will remember him by wearing my Gobo costume to the gym.


Don't tell me the Count isn't real either?!?!! I'm still getting over the fact Elmo is a large black guy.

I remember a professor in college knew the people starting Sesame Street. It had been on the air for a year or two at the time. I bet he is really upset he didn't get in on it.

Daughters friend is working for Sesame workshop and is worried she might bet laid off. I can only the economy is too bad to keep Sesame Street doing well? That is bad!


Sad day... he is well-remembered in my family. New generations of kids will never know the purple vampire we did.


My father loved The Count! Sesame Street was in its own infancy when my son was born in 1970, so my dad was exposed to lots of The Count's antics. For many years --until he died in 1985 -- the only birthday and holiday cards my dad received from me were of The Count, carefully relettered to make them appropriate for the day in question. When I was packing up his things after the funeral I found a whole box of them he'd carefully saved. I'm carefully saving them, too.


@kalira: Wonderful illustration! Where did you find it?


@dontwantaname: Did you see the PBS special of Elmo's handler? What a wonderful life-story!


Yes, it is a sad day. I have to give you props though for the line "Mr. Snuffleupagus, who he also had a hand in playing". Nice puppet reference. :)


That is yet another really sad loss..


@kalira: Thanks, passed it on to my Facebook friends.


@magic cave: Sorry, apparently I don't get emails when I'm mentioned :( Someone linked me to imgur earlier that day, where that image was posted. I would repost the URL for the original page if I could find it, but unfortunately that conversation took place on a different computer.