questionswhat's the consensus on facebook giveaway deals?


Facebook deals are not allowed. To quote Jumbowoot, "All told.".


I encourage you to read this thread for any questions you may have on deals.woot rules.

As for it not being allowed, I'm not a fan of liking something before I know that I actually like it just to be able to try it.


Personally, I don't mine "Like"ing something, and getting a free sample. Because, I can "unlike" it right afterwards. It's simply another format for companies to get you to fill out a form instead of using a website. And, saying you "Like" it on Facebook a) doesn't mean you really like it, and b) takes .03 seconds to undo after filling out the form/printing the coupon/whatever.

I've gotten samples and coupons from this method. As well, an awesome local restaurant gives you a "VIP" card when you Like them on Facebook, which gives me 15% off every time I go.


@lichme: Thanks for the thread link! It's really helpful.

Thanks guys! Guess I'll have to keep Facebook deals all to myself. :)