questionsanybody looking forward to the hunger games movie…


Looks like a great movie, I'll definitely see it.


The book is really, really good. The next two in the series not quite as much, but still definitely worth reading.
As far as the movie goes, I'm interested to see how they do it, especially since there is a lot of internal dialogue that goes on in the main character's head. I also wonder how they're going to handle the main nastiness at the end. So much of the terror relies on understanding exactly what the beasts are (trying to avoid spoilers here) and conveying that without the internal monologue in the character's heads could be tough to do well.


The first movie, sure, but I don't have much interest in the rest of the series. I read the book over the holiday and I liked where the first one stopped, so unless I'm outrageously bored I'm not inclined to pick up the others.


It's on my list of movies to catch in the theater.


Absolutely. The first book was terrific, the second was very good, the third was good (but somewhat predictable). I would definitely read the book before the movie as there is so much detail in the book as well as backstory that will help give the movie context.

@inkycatz, reconsider your decision to stop after the first, as there is a lot of character development and conflict that make the next 2 pretty good reads. If you don't at least like the books, I'll contribute towards your acquisition of them (or drive them to Half Price Books for you and give you the proceeds).


I have read books one and two and will start on book three shortly - I'm not at all looking forward to the movies, though. Hollywood has a tendency to squeeze the life out of great stories.

I'm looking at you, "Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief", "The Last Airbender", and every Stephen King book ever written that got made into a movie or miniseries. And pretty much all the rest. Except the LOTR movies. Those were pretty good.


@durkzilla: I have to disagree on Percy Jackson and some of the Stephen King stuff. I actually thought Percy Jackson was pretty entertaining even with all the stuff that wasn't carried over from the book. I'm certainly looking forward to the eventual adaptation of The Sea of Monsters. And I very much enjoyed the film adaptation of The Green Mile, even after repeatedly reading the book (it's one of my favorites).

Honestly, I really am looking forward to the adaptation of The Hunger Games. I feel like the trailer shows that they have really nailed the feel of the environments, from the Districts to the Capital and the arena. Some of the casting feels a bit rough, but I've been wrong before.


Just finished the books and loved them. I also turned a lot of my friends on to them too. Funny because we are all in our mid to late 40s and read lots of teen books. I wish someone else would have been cast in the part of Katniss. I envisioned someone more exotic looking and not so plain.


Both my kids read the series and convinced me to read them also. We all enjoyed them but the movies look like they aren't going to be appropriate for kids. I think they will carry an R rating.


I'm kinda looking forward to it. The actors they cast fit really nicely with my mental image of the characters when reading the books, so I have hope the film will stay fairly true to the books.

Its interesting to read all the comments around the first being the best and the others not necessary reading. I agree completely. There's nothing wrong with the 2nd and 3rd books, but when I finished the 3rd I thought I would have been just as happy with the story if I had stopped after the 1st.

You definitely miss out on a lot if you stop after 1, but the first is so good that it can easily stand on its own.


I'm totally looking forward to it. The film makers chose a fantastic lead actress in Jennifer Lawrence. Her portrayal of Katniss will consist of so much more than biting her lip.

I'm curious to see how some of the visuals are handled ("Katniss, the girl who was on fire.")

I agree with the contingent here, however, that thinks the second and third books were inferior. It seems that so much Young Adult literature nowadays has to be a series. What you end up with is a ton of rehashing, and it tarnishes the original.


I just read the whole question. Read the book. It's original, entertaining, and a quick read. You'll be even more stoked about the movie.


i was considering reading this.... i guess i will now


@trevinopete: lol, thx for answering the question. i appreciate all of the input and will start looking for the book at a second-hand store.


I didn't read the books, but from the preview, it looks a lot like the same idea as The Running Man years ago...


I am really really really looking forward to it.

The scenes for District 12 were filmed a few miles from my house, so The Hunger Games has been talked about and hyped-up a lot in my community.

I applied to be an extra on set, but I never heard back :(


Read the book first!!!!

The movie trailer already shows one key change...the origin of Katniss' mockingjay pin. Won't matter a whole lot, but I always hate when movies change things like that.

You can read it in a few hours, and your imagination is sure to due more justice to many of the visuals than the movie will.

The book is only ~$5 on Amazon, new w/ free shipping. WallyWorld has it for only ~$6.50. Buy the 2 sequels used if you can find them, as they're still only available in hardback. (Personally, I don't do Kindle, Nook, etc.----I have hundreds if not more than a thousand books, and am a holdout. I have to have the feel....and AROMA....of actual pages being turned!)