questionschallenge: 3+ port keyboard / mouse switch


Are you using PS2 connections for your mouse and keyboard, or are you using USB connectors? That could make it less expensive

This seems to be the best deal I can find:


@capguncowboy: Yikes. Can't afford that for a good while. $70 is about the most I can justify for it at the moment, and even that much would make me cringe a little.

PS2 is fine. Keyboard is a Model M, mouse just needs one of those USB>PS2 adapters, which I have in a box somewhere. Video could be VGA, if that doesn't impact the quality of the device too much. I may regret that some day in the future, but for now I only need this strictly for switching keyboard / mouse.


We use these at work frequently and have good success with them.

4 Port USB KVM switch, $55.00 everyday price. Could probably find it cheaper with a bit of digging.


@bingo969: That looks like it might be a possibility, though the lack of Linux hotkey support does make me pause a bit. I haven't settled on the OS that I'm going to put on my desktop, so hotkeys in Linux would be a plus. The reviews are also a bit scary.

That being said, I can't say whether or not the one I currently have supports Linux hotkey support! So far, that hasn't been an issue, since both machines it is hooked to run Windows.

Thinking about it a bit more, I have to admit that I like the mouse / keyboard emulation being done by this IOGear switch, so maybe I do need to just accept that it may cost a bit more than I had planned, and get one that is higher quality. Unless DVI goes the way of the dodo in the next 5 years, it would be an investment, and I highly doubt DVI is going away any time soon, even with HDMI.


the VGA boxes are a lot cheaper than the DVI boxes, they can limit the resolution. I think Newegg has a promotion for $10 off of $50 for new customers. You could always try using a new email address and see if you can get it to work for you. Here are a couple that are VGA and PS2 or USB


@capguncowboy: I think I tried that with Newegg once, but they picked up my mailing address as being the same as one in-system.

The Linkskey looks promising, I was looking at that a while ago. What I don't get is why these manufacturers create this design with cables on every side. Messy...

I think I'll have to give that Belkin another look, or deal with going with something like this.

Since I already have an IOGear, I'm fairly comfortable with the brand, it has served me well with the only problem being that the insulation on the remote switch has started to come away from the connector a little.

Just have to figure out how to afford it, or find it on eBay / Craigslist!


You know, you could just get another 2 port and pigtail them together. For example, if you want to use something hooked into the first KVM, you just select that KVM, then which PC on that KVM. Of course, this may just fall back to being messy, but it would save you a lot of money.


@capguncowboy: Ehhhh, then I'm concerned about hotkey conflicts. I guess what I'm hoping to do is get one that works well enough, then sell this 2-port DVI model for hopefully as much as $40 on Craigslist. I think I'm just hoping to be cheaper than is realistic, wanting high-dollar quality at low-dollar prices.