questionswhy do grab bag deals get deleted?


BoCs are no longer allowed. I believe this is due to a lot of people trying to jump on the band wagon and scamming some people. So an easier way for woot to protect users is just not to allow them.


It is one of the unofficial official rules:

No mystery boxes, grab bags, random items, etc.


bkindustries anyone?
it pretty much marked the beginning of the end for mystery deals here.


@hackman2007: you forgot no mentioning of any site that offers mystery packages. as in you can't say the following site occasionally have mystery items and then list them.


@moosezilla: that's not true. I mentioned tanga before and no one did anything same for lootcrate i posted about in a question a day or two ago. That or I'm more ninja than i realized! >.>

@wilcononomous: ughhhhh! don't remind me.


As pointed out above, they are not allowed. I finally found a post that gives a good summary of why.

They were added to the "not allowed" list almost exactly two years ago. My how time flies.


There's rules against them things.