questionshow long can i store ice cubes before they become…


30 days. Or, you could check an answer from Google or your preferred search engine.


If you store them too long, they will gradually evaporate. However, I have stored them for a year or more, and no noticeable difference, especially if they are in a bag. Of course, I also store meat and fresh fruit for a year or more.

My wife, on the other hand, not only wants fresh ice cubes, but swears by one brand, I think because they are clear and have no air bubbles.


Winter or not, I can't imagine not using an ice cube for more than a day or two. And yes, I live in a cold snowy part of the US.
Air gets dry in the winter. Even if I didn't like my drinks cold , I use them to make smoothies, cool down hard boiled eggs fast, give them to my orchid every week or so, and other stuff I can't think of right now.
Not use an ice cube for a few months ? Inconceivable !

That said. I don't know why they would go bad, Unless you put a lot of crud on top of your tray. Even then just rinse the top of the tray off and the icky top part melts away. It's just ice.


Depends on Freezer. Self-Defrost freezer could have gross ice in a week. "Manual" defrost freezer might keep ice pristine for over 6 Months. Water with less minerals makes better ice (calcium, iron, or "hard" water will make poor ice to start with).


I like to freshen the ice with a quick rinse. Just swish a little water around over the ice, pour off the water and fill with beverage. I would say that a lot of it depends on your comfort zone and how you store other things in your fridge. If you keep things wrapped, they tend to keep odors and tastes to themselves.


I feel like ice has a bad taste if it's more than a few weeks old. I toss it and start fresh if I haven't used it in a while. Maybe that's because I have a self-defrost freezer, very hard water, and I don't keep my frig terribly clean. Although it doesn't generally stink, because I am a true-believer in tightly sealed disposable containers. Plenty of science experiments in there, but they keep their stank to themselves.


Never really thought about this before...I know I've seen ice in the trays start to evaporate (i.e. when you look at it the ice cube is only half full or whatever), but never really thought of it going bad.
We have an ice maker with a door slot, so I never ever think about it, it also grabs the ice from the bottom and dispenses (so you're always getting the oldest ice).
My parents have an ice maker, but it drops into a tray, they then grab the ice on the top (the newest ice).
Every few months or so it's good to clean out the bottom of the ice tray, I guess -- really shriveled up ice cubes.
Also, we live in Northern IL and I have ice everyday -- love cold drinks, especially ice cold water.


I don't think that they ever really "go bad," just simply they acquire tastes of other things in the freezer. In a bind they would work just fine, but if you do want a fresh water taste, switching them out every week or two would probably work just fine. I used some ice cubes today that were put in the freezer probably in September or October that were just fine for me.

@sgrman05: Technically the ice cubes are subliming (going directly from a solid to a gas and then through deposition become ice elsewhere in the freezer). :)


@andydoug: Ooh, I learned something new today! I didn't know what happened -- never really thought about it too much.