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I'll look into it; there may be something going on besides your questions being deleted.

In many cases, posts that just express like/dislike of a product without more information get removed, since they're kind of pointless. We love to hear your opinions, but we also love to hear how you formed them.


by virtue of you actually answering my question and not having this deleted earns you my respect, sir.

i can, however point out various completely unmerited insults to products that are no longer than 5-6 words long that have been featured comments. i won't, though. i'm sure you know what i'm talking about.

but i will say that previously, on one refurbed headphone deal (i believe it was sony), someone asked a question that voiced a disdain for the sanitation (or lack thereof) of earbuds/phones that have been used, and then reconditioned. i actually answered her question to the effect that reconditioned headphones are usually equipped with new earpads, in attempt to alleviate her distress.

i'd think this sort of thing would actually BENEFIT the discussion and sales, as i'm sure she wasn't the only one who thought of it. of course, her comment was removed shortly and what i believe happened was that to eliminate any trace or evidence of her post ever existing, my answer was also gone.


Sorry you're upset about the deletions.

In product forums, we do look for posts to be helpful and on topic.

WOOT: I apologized for the deletion. There were a lot of posts about confusion on how to order. I called and asked that the photos be captioned with the strap color as well as the size to eliminate this confusion. Once that was done, I cleared out some of those posts. Yours was one of those because I thought the question had been answered. I responded to your post.

TECH: Your post was: "speaking of polaroids, this one ugly mofo that i'd place beneath even the ugliest digital frames." The phrase "mofo" is short/slang for a term that is profane so I deleted the post. Feel free to make comments on the product (including its looks) but please do so within our posting guidelines.



ok, pass on the first, what of the second comment you've also removed?

the one that was clean and simply stated that it was "not your everyday, ordinary ugly but ridiculously ugly." is that also too unclean for public eyes?

or was it that i mentioned of a post-deletion? everything's a lot easier to explain in hind-sight, of course. not saying that you're one particularly vicious individual, but repeated deletion of my posts certainly isn't heart-warming.


@rhycochet: Yes, the second was deleted because of the comment of deletions.

Again, in the product forums, we're looking for posts that add to the discussion. Comments on the looks definitely fall into that as long as they follow our guidelines.

Hope this clears things up.


^ Rampant deletions of vengeance.



I'd think "Mofo" would be a term that WOOT! has probably used in it's creative descriptions of products....


@kamikazeken: Good point. For example, take the description for the bacon product which includes this statement: "But how many times have you caught yourself eating something that wasn't bacon and thinking: "Damn, I wish this tasted more like bacon?"
Come on that necessary? There are children over on kids.woot.


@oo7slice: I think what @kamikazeken: is referencing is
You're gonna be the baddest m_f_ at the Putt Putt.


I also had an experience that was similar. A deal was posted by a staff member. Someone posted a comment stating "this is cheaper here:" (and posted a link.) The staff member edited that person's post, removed the link, then posted a message to them to post it as their own deal, thereby getting woot rep credit for themselves. OK, I get that, but the person didn't, so MY post was "NOW we have a message saying it's cheaper elsewhere, but we don't know WHERE!" That post was deleted. So I posted WHY was it deleted? THAT post got replies, and then it AND the replies were deleted!. All the while the original comment causing the controversy stayed. I kept posting comments to the effect "It's hypocritical to delete my posts questioning why we can't see the link for the cheaper deal on a DEAL site!" All deleted.

So I asked the community about it, and guess what? THAT forum post was deleted, too! For a while, I would down vote every deal I saw from that mod, just out of spite....


@rhycochet: Perhaps it's because of your seemingly random use of capital letters!


Reading back over my story I'm reminded of "That one burned down, fell over, then sank into the swamp! But the next one stayed UP!"


Not sure what is going on. I posted a question yesterday asking if anyone was going to see the special airing of Reservoir Dogs. It was deleted twice and I was asked to put it in the deals section which was very odd. Then a couple of hours ago I answered a question about Jumbowoots coupon code and that is gone now too. Last week I asked a question about firearms that was also deleted and sparked a few questions from fellow Wootizens.

I thought it was just my black cloud recently.......


@tcayer: i typically don't capitalize unless the format deems it necessary to do so, proper and all. i only cap for emphasis. you might be right, though. there doesn't seem to be any other coherent rhyme or reason to why some posts are left alone and mine were deleted.

@oo7slice: right?
i mean, just last week i laughed when i came upon home.woot and the section titled "curl up and dye." it's clever and instantly recognizable, funny if a bit crude. loved it. i'm guessing the people in marketing are the ones with a sense of humor over at woot and the customer-relations side...not so much?


@tcayer: interesting (and unsettling) tale there, bro. just tells me that i should be thankful a staff who actually cared to respond caught my topic first. some others might have done the same to this topic as they've yours, and my voice would've been lost to the void of "rampant deletion" -- as poignantly visualized above by @thumperchick


@tcayer: THAT WASN'T ME! But I can explain. Deals makes money off the links in a posted deal. If you post a deal inside another deal, Deals makes no money. Deals gets very sad. That's been a common practice from the get-go. I've posted inside questions and deals asking for the poster to add it as a deal instead. Did it just last week.

As to why your question was deleted, no idea. But it has been asked/answered pretty often.


@coondogg97: The only one I can explain is the firearms. We don't allow deals on firearms so we don't allow questions either. We had a pretty good thread about that just last week. I'm sure one of the master Wooters can find it quickly. I'm heading out the door in just a moment.

Maybe they thought the Reservoir Dogs was a movie to buy or something? Not sure on that one.


@coondogg97: There were 4 duplicate "Jumbowoot coupon" threads this morning. I posted a message in each one of them before I deleted them requesting that all comments/conversation continue in the original thread.

Please confirm that you have your notifications turned on.


The Res Dogs link was a link to a page that advertised theaters selling tickets to the events in your area. It should have been posted as a deal.


I've noticed posts being gone when i would check later in the day (non specific, just in general, and over the course of the past few months) even with seemingly innocuous posts in it (or a deal that didn't violate any of the rules in spirit, or reality). Some contained posts that were mine, and others didn't but were product discussions i wouldn't mind following up on. It happens, we get it. things get caught in a dragnet, or particular mods bring their inner grinch out, and many other possible/probable reasons... but each time it happens, it reminds me why i've cut back my participation GREATLY on deals.woot. Free and frank discussion created the community. Not-so-free discussion makes some members (including myself) less inclined to give a crap.

I know i'm not the only one in this boat... but do understand it's a fine line between keeping order, and stifling an otherwise happy community (even in our disagreements) - for the most part it works... but it no longer inspires.


@caffeine_dude: good find.

@thunderthighs - can we get a more clear ruling on the word "mofo" - as woot writers have used the term in their own product description... It's kind of hard to navigate through the whats allowed/not allowed when there's inconsistent enforcement. (and age old problem, on this site to be sure, and not limited to any particular mod - but it remains relevant)


@thunderthighs: You're generally pretty awesome around here, and it's cool of you to explain yourself in this thread. That said, just my opinion, but I think censoring the phrase "mofo" is probably going just a little bit too far. Just my two cents.


hmm @thunderthighs, it would seem someone committed the grave mistake i've made that started the post-deletion over at sellout today :)


@rhycochet: We had a talk about that word given that it has appeared yet again, determined it is PG-13 given the context used on sellout. As always, we reserve the right to make a case by case call based on context.


if you say so.

even though both of them are used as substitutes for the subject referred to. in my case, it was referring to the tablet, and in the sellout case to the waterbed.

the only perceivable difference is the addition of the adjective "ugly" in front of the word. apparently that makes all the difference as a stand-out case for moderation. interesting information if i do say so myself :)

or maybe because the overarching tone of the sellout post is actually NOT critical of the item being sold...whereas mine was? because you know, perhaps, contrary to what was suggested here previously by staff, it's exactly as i've said and voicing disdain for a product you guys are promoting IS a big no-no, after all.


and of course, in either context (because really, judging any other way would be flat out lying as they ARE both subjective nouns used to substitute the place of the product itself) the word is still slang for the same exact thing. :)


Actually, the only difference here is that today:
because it came up again,
because it was being discussed here,
and because someone wanted a ruling for future use (rulings are not retroactive),

the post was pointed at and a ruling was made.

Hope that clears things up!


yes, it does and thank you, sir.

that's pretty much all i wanted to know, that the discussion panned out to allowing the word for future use which is why you guys didn't remove it today. it was what i'd guessed but your last response given was just weak lol. but thanks for REALLY clearing it up, it's not like i'm asking my post to be amended or anything, i really couldn't care less. just wanted the truth for future reference :)