questionsare you excited for the next generation of gaming?


More money spent that you already don't have, gain 10 more pounds, miss more showers, another year in your parents house, put off looking for a job another day. Should be epic......


PS4 (if that is what it is going to be called) is not going to be released tomorrow, it will at best be debuted. The release date will most likely be set for Christmas.

However though, it is hard to be excited about the future of gaming because there are no real logical impressive steps that it can take at this time. 3D is still a novelty so they best they can do it make it more HD, which is only good up to a point since it is all done on a computer anyways. At best, they can say it will have a faster processor or something like that but no real change unless you are in the 1% tech enabled that can have the expensive TV to take advantage of some extra definition. All this means is that the systems want a new revenue steam, or a way to give their old one a shot in the arm.

Truth be told, I am more worried that new systems signal an end to the ability to buy used games, or the ability to play a game without connecting to the platform's network.


PS4 is being announced (suspected) tomorrow. Sony has some big event planned, definitely looking forward.

I'm excited for the next generation of gaming, but at the same time I really have to wonder where there is to go. Aside from hardware updates (which I feel like we generally won't see a huge difference between that and what we have now), what's really left? The only thing I could think to add to the PS3 would be USB3.0 and that's pretty far from necessary. For the Xbox, it'd be cool to see them adopt Blu-Ray so that BD finally becomes standard and then Xbox games can be bigger/ not require two discs.

That being said, heck yes I'm excited. Even though my expectations are low now, I feel there's a good chance something will catch me by surprise. I would love to be proven wrong about hardware and see a preview of some ultra-realistic game that has good gameplay.


@wisenekt: Hah. We had really similar answers. Right on.

I'm not too worried about the anti-used games possibility. Sony and Microsoft are aware of how much that would hurt them. By blocking used games, they're destroying a huge potential market share. It's also safe to assume that the systems will be, at least to some degree, backwards compatible. There's no way to implement such a system against games we already own. If they were to make us pay a fee to unlock all the games we've already purchased, that would cause an uproar.

I also think (can search for confirmation) that someone from Sony (and probably therefore Microsoft) officially announced they wouldn't block used games. I could be wrong, but I vaguely recall reading that.


If these guys do what they say they're going to do and make it so you can't buy used games I'll do a full conversion over to Steam and Ouya. There's no way I'm paying for a new console that isn't going to do anything the current ones already can't. That's like building a new gaming rig every year so I can have max awesomeness at all times. Silliness.


The future of gaming is tablet based.

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Next generation of gaming? I have the next generation of gaming already; it's called a PC.

Have fun waiting in line for days only to spend $500+ to make your $1000+ collection of games obsolete. I'll keep my PC and still be able to play games from 20 years ago to now. Just yesterday I played decade old BF1942 vanilla with 40 other people, then loaded up Battlefield 3 without switching consoles or even opening up a disc drive.


I'm excited about the update so that I can buy a $100 PS3 to watch Blurays with.


@embhorn: Yeah, hubby and I were already discussing that old PS3's may really be the new "cheap" blu-ray players, with the bonus of streaming services that work much better than the blu-ray players that I've dealt with.

We already have a PS3 & a 360, and will likely wait to upgrade to PS4/720 for quite some time as we have quite a game library.

We're also more excited to see some of the other guys' new console/handheld/etc. type systems:
-nVidia's Project Shield:
-Valve's Steam Box:
-Oculus Rift:
-Razer Edge:

Many of these will likely suffer from over-promising and under-delivering, underdeveloped budgets and such, but it will be interesting to see some of these powerhouses and newbies give the video game market a good shake.


This means sales on PS3 and 360s!!!!
I will be looking for this on ebay: GameSystem lot.
PS3 or 360 with 40 games for the price of a new 720 or PS4 and 4 games, I can not wait.


@embhorn: That's why we got our kids a PS3 and not an Xbox.


I expect the 720 upgrades will be less about the gaming and more about extending their reach into/across the living room I too hope for the the Blu Ray but don’t expect much change on the gaming side. Maybe 3D support but not really 3D content yet. Why would Sony announce the details 8 months before they are shipping doesn’t that allow Microsoft to modify to meet/ beat their specs. I never understand why things are announced so far ahead of time


I'm still happy with this generation. Still have a nice stack and list of games I want/need to play.
I will never buy a console at launch. I have learned from the past few to wait and let them work out the bugs. Plus it's cheaper to wait.

From what I am hearing the new Xbox will be upgradable like a PC. Changing and upgrading parts. Just a rumor of course.


@eraten: I was a huge believer and even an evangelist to this cause for 25 years. in the last few years I have been converted

1. Licensing - it used to be you could have a local LAN party in your house with a single copy of the game or allow multiple players about 5 years ago they started cracking down on that so for awhile I would burn copies then their copy protection got crazy hard and I was pissed because I couldn’t have a friend over to play a network game without a second copy. Consoles don't have this problem if it's multiplayer you can do it locally on the same screen and thus doesn’t require a second rig

2. Game Options - Gaming options were for the longest time PC preferred as consoles had more success they started releasing a lot of titles that were not on the PC . Full disclosure HALO was my first console game and is what got me hooked on XBOX in the first place and continues to do so. IT was a natural progression from Quake, Doom, Wolfenstien that I played as a kid


3. Expense gaming pc - Continually to this day the graphics requirements for PC games are through the roof. I have a $1,000 rig and it still doesn’t approach the graphics. A new graphics card that is top of the line these days runs the price of an entire console let alone the fact that its just a graphics card.

4. It is a PC- I finally admitted to myself I am still using a PC it’s just in a custom case with custom interface devices and as such it forces the game manufacturers to work their games to a certain standard and thus are always compatible.

Things I gained from this switch
1. No more 1 hour long waits while we get all my local LAN computers usually 5 or so into the same lobby and running.
2. Lower hardware cost an extra controller costs me 30 bucks an extra machine costs me a lot more than that
3. Used market for games. I can’t sell my pc games and their licenses but I can sell my old console games and likewise acquire them at lower prices


Things I lost from this switch
1. Playing online for free. Even after switching to consoles I resisted for 3 years before finally giving into the schlep that was XBOX Live and it still bugs me that you can’t play online for free
2. Easier and better online play with friends across the world. I don’t have to teach them how to train their router or network to play well without lags
3. Easier online matching for gameplay


Heck yeah! I haven't been able to afford a PS3 or Xbox 360, but with the inevitable discounting that will go on with these "old" systems I will finally have a chance to try some of the games I've been missing out on.

Oh, and I'll eventually be nabbing a WiiU because I'm an old school Nintendo Nerd at heart.


@djbowman: If you have a $1000 PC and it doesn't approach the the graphics of an XBOX or PS3, with all due resepect: you're doing it wrong. I have a $600 machine that surpasses the visual effects of anything on XBOX or PS3. It is the general consesus that PCs have always had superior graphics compared to any console system.

While some of your reasoning is logical, it is a bit outdated. You're making it appear that the only way to play PC games is thru a LAN, this isn't been true for close to 15 years. And if not on a LAN, you need to reprogram your router to be able to play online. I'm not sure what games you're playing, or with whom, but I haven't had to do anything like that for 10+ years. So if you're playing on WAN you still need own a copy of the game. While certain console games are more fun to play split screen (Old school Mario, racing games, etc), the majority of console games are better played on separate screens over WAN.


(continued) With the new systems "PS4, XBOX 720," you might not be able to sell or trade games. But that argument is still valid with current systems.

But like anything, it comes down to personal preference. I prefer PC, you prefer console. Simple as that!


I agree that I won't buy the new systems until much, much further down the line. I just purchased my PS3 from cowboom (Uncharted 3 GOTY edition, no missing accessories) for $165 shipped. and just bought a bunch of games for it as well (Fall of Cybertron, AC III, Ni No Nari, Katamari, and ModNation racing). I am not done getting games for it, either... I am looking to get some of the batman games, Need for Speed Most Wanted, as well as the new game from Halo's creators: Destiny.

I plan on picking up a 3DS at some point too... The new pokemon game looks interesting. Plus I would love to play Zelda in 3D :)


@wisenekt: And yes, I did get my wording wrong. I did mean that it would be debuted. Sorry for the confusion!


@hirshy: No problem, I was frantically searching any website I could find to see if I had missed something.


@djbowman: The Xbox 360 already supports 3D. Maybe you meant for Blu-ray movies...


@j5: Tablet based? We're not talking about Angry Birds here. You'll never have a good FPS on a tablet; the controls are just too unreliable. Shoot, I struggle to play Super Mario 2 on my phone with no physical buttons.


@eraten: Fair points Like I said it has been years . The 1000 machine is really a custom built Tivo HTPC so it wasn’t really built for that but it strikes me as pathetic that I still need a 200 graphics card with dedicated RAM/ CPU for the high end games when I already have a quad core 8GB Ram running on an SSD .

I really am quite disappointed in myself that I show a preference that is not pc but your right I guess my preference has changed. It's down to a custom built PC that happens to be called a console.


@bsmith1: really ? I didn't know that are there any games out in 3D what souce of 3D can you put on it ? Been dying to convience myself I need a 3D tv


@bsmith1: Because they're doing it wrong.
A tablet represents a new interface, shoehorning joystick (gamepad) gameplay will result in a less than optimal gaming experience (outside of NVidia's dedicated gaming tablet enclosure..thing)

See this article for example

My point was that gaming is moving to portable devices more than ever now, not that tablets have the best graphics (they don't). The Wii had the worst graphics of the last gen, and it easily outstripped Xbox and PS3 in sales because of the new game mechanics. XBox and PS3 had to play catch-up with "Kinect" and "Move" respectively.

Note: This is not about the hardcore gamer/early adopter. This is about where developers will concentrate their efforts.


j5 j5

I'm looking forward to the ouya more than anything else.

It's probably going to have many problems, but I think that is the real future of gaming.


The next generation of gaming is already here, and has been for a long time, it's called PC Gaming.


@djbowman: Not many...I found this:
I've tried Halo CE Anniversary and at least one of the Assassin's Creed games. You have to enable it in the game's settings. I have a Samsung 3D TV that detects the 3D signal and prompts me to enable 3D on the TV. I don't know what you mean by "what source of 3D can you put on it".

I found that I didn't really pay attention to the 3D as I was more concerned with the action in the game, not the scenery.


@j5: Nice video, homie. I just don't see how putting your hand/s in front of the screen is good for real gaming. If I'm trying to react to what's happening on the screen, I need to be able to see the screen. Maybe if they invent gloves that make my hand see-through...


@eraten: Here here!

I've been preaching to the masses about consoles being obsolete for the past 6-7 years.

Don't get me wrong -- if you want a move system like the PS Move or Wii, then the console is the way to go, but if you want cutting edge graphics and awesome effects, then PC takes the cake hands down. Sure my system was more expensive than a console, but it can play ALL of the games those consoles can play and then some.

I grew up with a huge collection of consoles and still play them to this day, but they've become a novelty. My PC on the other hand still gets used for every day tasks and can play games in hi-def as a bonus.



I don't know, it seems more and more games become more and more linear. Something I dislike in the last generations. But my biggest beef seems the lack of emphasis on control, they keep adding all these touchscreens and extra buttons, creating awkward control schemes that take the player hours to get use to, when it should be almost literally pick up and play.


Well, I just finished my first Mario, so no, I'm NOT ready.


Tablet gaming is a joke. If I want to play games that way I'll buy an iPad or a Wii U.
I personally hate playing games on tablets. I'm not even big on the Xbox Smartglass thing. It has some cool features like extras and stuff, but I shouldn't have to keep looking back and forth from the T.V. to a tablet.

If gaming goes tablet based I'm out.


@wickedd365: I'm not sure what you're talking about.
a: the iPad is a tablet, the Wii U has a tablet-like controller/accessory..thing (almost like the early Dreamcast memory module)
b: I'm not saying the tablet as controller, I'm saying playing any game anywhere anytime and not tied to the "honking gamer rig" in whatever room you have it installed.
c: Mobile is the future.
d: IMO

j5 j5

@j5: I don't want to play games on a tablet. I bought a nice T.V. to enjoy my games on. All systems. I like holding a controller to play, the way it has always been. Motion based games are fun too like Kinect and Move games.
I don't want to play on a tiny 10" screen. I want to see a game in all it's glory on a nice T.V. with surround sound.
Imagine playing Dead Space (the first 2, 3 is a joke) on a tablet. You wouldn't enjoy the game anywhere near as much as you would with a good sound system. The sound makes those game scary. You can't get that experience with a tablet.


@wickedd365: The tablet is just the computing platform. The interface is liquid.
Imagine if you will:
Game Time:
Plug your tablet into your home docking station (hell, maybe just wireless NFC or similar)
Video goes to the TV
Audio goes to the receiver
Bluetooth (or similar) goes to the controller + headset
play away

Done gaming?
Plug it into the docking station (or wireless) at your desk.
You get a BT keyboard/trackpad/mouse, big monitor, audio also if you want.
productivity ensues.

Casual time?
Tablet interface for videos/browsing/level-up your characters/minecraft/whatever

You will absolutely lose the "tip top best graphics on the planet", but you will gain a world of flexibility.

That's the future I anticipate, but I'm not a "hard core gamer 4life"

j5 j5

@j5: And this magical setup or tablet your talking about will cost way more than a home console that I can just plug in and play. Not to mention the accessories and stuff to go with this tablet to do all the things listed.