questionswhat have you learned from youtube or other…


I learned that cats do many cute and/or silly things.


I learned how to thread my sewing machine. The instructions that came with it were very unclear, did a search on YouTube and found a nice lady that explained it step by step.

My husband also used it for tips when he fixed our bathroom floor.


How to peel a pomegranate, tie knots, and how to braid my daughter's hair in cute updo's.

And the dumb ways to die...


I have watched some videos to learn how to do this or that on the computer or tablet. A professional dog trainer in our Great Dane Yahoo group posts videos on teaching various commands which are extra valuable as he is using Great Danes which, like all breeds, have some specific training challenges. For example


I have learned many, many True Facts about some totally freaky and amazing little creatures, such as the naked mole rat (NSFW).

I also learned that Zefrank is pretty freaky himself.


@magic cave: Ha, Ze Frank is one of two people I subscribe to. I love all his "True Facts" videos. The latest non-true fact vides that I like of his are the "Sad Cat Diary" and "Sad Dog Diary" videos.

Sad Cat:

Sad Dog:

To answer the original poster's question, I have learned a lot about electronics engineering by watching Dave Jones videos. He has a whole website but technically they are hosted on Youtube.

I also learned how to diagnose capacitor problems in an air conditioner and then bought a capacitor checker so I can fix it myself next time hopefully saving hundreds of dollars.


I used youtube to learn how to replace my brake pads.


I may just have no patience, but I hate how-to videos. Give me loads of text I can skim through and carefully selected pictures and I'm good to go. A video just forces you to sit and wait for them to get to the parts you want to know. I can evaluate 3 or 4 text/photo howtos in less time than one video and decide which one is most helpful.


I picked up photography and photoshop as a hobby earlier this year due to a family addition that we welcomed back in September. Youtube has been a great guide for me on both topics. People do weird stuff with cameras though. I'm not sure that I ever needed to know how to photograph a floating banana, but you can never be certain when you'll need some life skills...


My most recent youtube education: today I watched this video so I will be better prepared to feed my dog through his tracheal feeding tube when he's released from the vet hospital in a day or two.


I watched a video showing how to replace the leaking door gasket on my front load washing machine. It turned a $120 parts + $100 labor service call into a $75 online parts + DIY labor job. No more leaks!