questionswhy does paypal require card verification?


Unlike a regular retail purchase, you are reserving the product. On a sell out day, that means you are getting one and someone else isn't. To insure that everyone gets a fair shake at getting the product they want, we require the credit card back up for PayPal to insure that the order can go through if it's denied by your PayPal cash account. This avoids us having leftover product from denied orders and unhappy customers that couldn't purchase because of it.


just use your credit card directly with woot. The credit card will offer you better protection than paypal, and if you're using a debit card, stop, and start using a real credit card. Debit cards' protection is nowhere near as complete as a credit card.


Okay, but, that does not answer my question...doesn't really have to do with Woot at all! I guess I should have been clearer. When I attempt to use my PP account FROM SITES OTHER THEN WOOT quite often before I can complete the purchase it will ask me to verify my credit card. And we are talking like every other time. It's REALLY annoying and there is no way around it really. Defeats the purpose of not having to get up and get my CC for using online. Does this not happen to anyone else?


And why would so many people down vote this? It's a legitimate question that PP does not have an answer to on their site. I'm concerned that I am doing something wrong....


When i "joined" Paypal i had to verify the bank account that sponsored my debit card.. i gave them my banking info . Then within 24-48 hrs they make a small deposit .....then they send you an email asking the amount.. You tell them how much the deposit you are verified..the system is used to detect fraud and it works!!!i have used them for 4 years and they are as good as a defense as a c c although i haven had any is good to know they are on the is worth using them because i don't like to give my personal info to everybody .i just check out using Paypal..i hope this makes sense i don't write worth a crap