questionsdoes anyone have a recommendation for a wii…


Fortunately, we have not needed a smaller size controller yet. Did not even know if they made that sort of thing - so will watch this thread to see if anyone has used them before and what they recommend.

In the meantime, I found this on Amazon -


@kophia: That is actually one I hadn't seen before. I've seen them in-store at Target and WalMart over the years, and seen them on various other websites as well. The big question I have is whether or not there is one made with any quality to it since Nintendo doesn't make one themselves.

One thing about the one you linked to that I don't like is the size of the "home" button (which of course will pause a Wii game). IMHO the home button on a kid's controller should be small and difficult to push by accident; that one did exactly the opposite.

Here is one I found on that seems appealing for our little guy:

However I have also had wildly varied results with the quality of disney-branded merchandise in the past two years.