questionsi am looking for a good deal on sd and microsd…


It would be a shame if any data was lost due to a defective card, I would recommend purchasing a few 1GB-4GB SD cards. If you really want to be safe you can also look for an anti-static card holder if you plan on storing these away during your trip.

Here is our listing for a 1GB SD card, the reviews are a positive 5 star for reliability.

As far as the MicroSD cards go for your tablet, I have often found Sandisk to be very reliable when it comes to its life expectancy. Perhaps this Model is compatible with your tablet? Model# SDSDQUA-016G.


Sign up for the daily emails from and They have deals on this stuff all the time - almost every day.

I've had good luck with Kingston, Sandisk, PNY and Adata. I have several Samsung - one of their microSD cards died, the rest have been fine.


@bigelowb: I am signed up with both. Newegg is charging shipping now, which takes the wind out of most small item deals for them. I get emails it seems like every five minutes from Tigerdirect (we have a B&M store locally) but I haven't recently seen SD cards. They are advertising big ticket items lately. I found a couple of good deal on my own, but I was hoping someone here had a line on a good deak curretly available.

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or one like it, once I figure out why none of them list Android devices for compatibility...will my tablet be unable to read these? If I could use my tablet to back up the photos on the big SD cards to the micro SD cards that I'll have in the tablet then I could keep them in two places.


I was coming here to recommend Oempcworld. I didn't realize @oempcworld had a Woot! account. The cards I have ordered from them have all been good. Price was right, shipping fast, etc. If I remember right, it was a name brand class 10 card 64 meg and was about $15 less than at retail store. Only difference was it was OEM packaging.

I think I was using when I found them. It is my go to site when looking for the best deals for these type of items online.