questionsdid your comment box drop anchor?


This had to have happened to the past few minutes because I still have a tab open from earlier and the lightbox is still popping up.

Somebody was waiting for "buoyancy" tag got dropped with the quickness.

My only grip (49 seconds into it) would be the reply issue. I tend to forget what I'm replying to, so I like to keep a bead on the comment...and scrolling up takes so much effort.


Just an idea we were working on that inadvertently got pushed out to production. Floating will be back in a jiffy. Ignore.


@josefresno: I've been playing with it for a few minutes...I like it.
(Doubt it matters since it's getting put back in it's cage, but the edit function is still boxed.)

Other people have resorted to pre-writing comments in notepads and auto-drafting stuff so this will probably be pretty well received if/when it's actually out.


@josefresno: But I like it. With this feature I don't have to open a second tab to view what is blocked by the floater.

BUT - it really screws with the editing feature. I tried to edit and the edit box shows no text whatsoever.



I also like it. I can click outside the box (or lick, if I'm using my iPad) and I don't lose what I've typed.

I hope it stays, though I'm sure some people will growl about it.



Hmmm... I see what you mean. I clicked the ddit link on my comment above and watched the little box animation for about a minute while I was "chilaxing"... it never gave me a way to edit the comment.


So, what I said above, but please fix the edit function. :)


@theoneill555: I agree that it is a nifty idea, and it makes it easier to copy/paste and respond to other posts on the page. However, it is still in the idea workshop and was not meant to be pushed out yet.


I had the same issue as @theoneill555 mentioned just now where I couldn't edit a comment posted.


@josefresno: Once the edit function is fixed, I think it will win community praise and not grumbles


The floating box is back and I can't see behind it... I missed something cool again...


...and it's dead.

Hopefully this is somethin' that we'll see in the near future.

At least us special few [who hang out on Woot! forums instead of working or doing school work] got to experience the unleashed comment box, while it was.


@drchops: I copy & paste to a notepad page often... It also helps with inadvertent edits, deletions or yikes moments...


@theoneill555: Yeah, I'm pretty sure that the majority of Wooters who aren't around right now will agree with you when they see that this feature existed.. It's something that a lot of people have been wanting for a while.


@josefresno: can you work on an idea that drops more $10 coupons into my account and 'accidentially' push it into production? :)


@pinchecat: I actually kept the windows open for something like that until about 40 seconds before I read your message heh...whoops.

Just picture THIS box, only fixed below where you click "add an answer" :D
You can do anything with the power of imagination.

(It appears too, it's hidden until you click it)


@drchops: ah well. thanks for the explanation doctor! can't wait to see it firsthand