questionsalright, who is messing with me? why is my…


Take a screen shot of it just in case it's a mistake!


it's friday night and someone at woot really wants free drinks asap! tomorrow you'll be back to green if you don't give em what they want. (the rounds of drinks)


@lavikinga: And then complain to jumbowoot when I don't get the awesome coupon?


@joshaw: That coupon is a rare thing. Next time it might be a game system, or a mini box of crap, or a coupon for a shirt. @Jumbowoot is full of surprises. That $20 coupon last week was just the best!


"If, on completion of a move, a player's token lands on the lower-numbered end of a "ladder", the player moves his token up to the ladder's higher-numbered square. If he lands on the higher-numbered square of a "snake" (or chute), he must move his token down to the snake's lower-numbered square."

Good role.


Okay, buddy. You got what you wanted. Now pay up or it's back to white!


@joshaw: those coupons, giveaways, goodies, etc are random so not every month and if we get anything, they're always different things. the powers that be are positively reinforcing activity on the site. so contributions by posting deals, voting, commenting, questioning and all that stuff
one month woot gave away an Atari flashback. i almost peed my pants but i didn't get one! did i cry? a little. but gave myself a pep talk and went and stole my own Atari flashback game from a mom n pop store when they weren't looking. so all is good in this world, but the point is - don't expect or "play" for a $20 coupon cuz it could be a 20 extra downvotes or something else kooky the next time, if anything


You fed the screaming flying monkeys bananas, didn't you? Admit it. That is the true secret key to getting a black triangle. BTW: They do not like green bananas. If you offer them that, you will go to white in warp speed. Congrats on this transient bliss.


Actually, the Black Triangles (BTs) got together in the Walmart parking lot but someone forgot to bring the booze and snacks. So, being ingenious and resourceful folks (and modest too!), we fed the monkeys some bananas to bring another into the BTs because the noobie buys the booze and snacks. Hurry, we are waiting and are thirsty and hungry!


I would guess they are doing some work on the system right now. I went from a Brown Triangle with a rep of like 44 and now I am at a white with zero. I can only hope its work.....if not I am not sure why I went all the way back to zero since I have voted and made acouple of comments as recently as today.


@lavikinga: @w00tgurl: I was completely kidding about the coupon, my $5 coupon made me more than happy and it was more than I deserved. The thing I love most about woot is the quirkiness of the games they play...


@raider9924: Yeah, I would agree. Last night I was at like 92 with a black triangle, and made some comments and votes. Today when I logged on, 89 and purple. Sad.


@raider9924: I wouldn't worry too much about the sudden white triangle trick, unless it stays that way for more than a few (I see yours is back to colored). I've had that happen a few times in the last day or so, and it always turns back after a few minutes (or a refresh, or whatever). I have a black, black heart, and it always shows. ;-}


I generally hovered around 72 but went as high as 97 and have been stuck at 44 for quite a while despite voting every night. Woot is punishing my activity! I should have quit when I was at 97.


I went from 40 to 80-something overnight a while back, but it corrected itself a couple of days later.


I've hovered in the high 80s for a month or so and crossed the threshold to black just today. It's quite the accomplishment I'm told (by the voices)