questionsshould printable coupons be allowed?


I think so, there is nothing wrong with going out into the real world and buying something, so you should get a deal on that too. The glowing screen before me is not the only store in the universe, or so I've been told.


I have one word for you (besides the ones before it). Yes.


I guess I don't see the benefit.....but then I don't shop at a lot of brick and mortar stores in the mall....must be a ME thing.....I get the benefit of 10% off an online purchase....and the benefit for Woot...but I don't get the benefit for woot of a printable coupon for Woot either....


@Hobbit: Ah, but you used the word "Allowed" which makes it a different question. Allowed, sure, why not? Good benefit for user, doesn't hurt anybody. Useful. Now there is probably the word you were looking for.

Are printable coupons useful? (I asked it for you)

Actually, they are. The benefit the site they're from, and if Woot sneaks in the Woot name when they're printed, then those Brick and Mortar places start to notice where they came from.

I love shopping. I'm good at it. I admit that I avoid sales, because I hate the crush of people. I go to the grocery store on Thursday, around 10AM, because that's when it's quietest. If I go to the mall, I choose Tuesday or Wednesday. Coupons are nice, because I can have a deal at my choice of time, without having a dozen other people on top of me because it's Saturday morning, and they're all there for the same thing as I.


I grocery shop on Saturdays at 7am :D It is me and the stock boys. I like it that way.

you are right....I said allowed.......


@shrdlu: I'll second that one! Anyone who ignores the printable coupons out there just because they don't like shopping B&M stores is missing some tremendous deals.

Recently there have been some great deals at Target where the combo of new release sale price + printable Disney mfg coupon + printable Target store coupon = Disney blu-ray/DVD/digital combo packs for <$10. Cheaper to buy the blu-ray combo with coupons than the DVD alone!


They should be allowed only if they are good for anyone- there have been a lot of the Ruby Tuesday's coupons posted from people who got the link to them via their e-mail blasts. Those coupons have a unique code and are one use only deals, and therefore should not be posted, nor should any printable coupons that are one use only and/or have unique codes on them.