questionsdo you know anyone with dyslexia?


I know several - and if it's 1 in 10 I suspect I know a lot more.

I'll pass this along to see if anyone can use it.


Yes, I have several family members with dyslexia. However, each one struggles with different aspects of the learning disability and none have the issue with rotated images that that font addresses. In fact, the person with dyslexia who is nearest and dearest to me, is a web consultant and would HATE that font.


Oh wow, what a great idea! I have mild problems with dyslexia/dysgraphia and I think this font would be very helpful. In particular, I think that it would help me read more quickly because the "weighting" of the letters focuses the visual analysis system, increasing the processing speed and accuracy of the visual input lexicon. I'm going to download this and use it when I'm writing in Word/OpenOffice - I wish that I could magically transform PDFs into this font! I will also send the link to a friend whose teenager has significant trouble reading due to a visual processing deficit. I will try to remember to report back!


I know a good number of people with dyslexia. One family the dad and two sons have it, but it manifests itself differently in each of them. In one son it's numbers. In the other it's letters. In the dad it's a combination of both but not to the extent of either son. Another friend has mild dyslexia but only dealing with letters. He's an engineer and really good with math. Another friend has mild dyslexia but it manifests itself more in shapes than in numbers or letters. She's a quilter but there are some patterns that she just can't do due to the dyslexia.

I'll pass the article on to a couple of my friends who struggle with this. It would be great if it does help them. Thanks for posting.


I coordinate a lot of my volunteer projects with the local branch of IDA and their VP is a friend of mine. I will be glad to send her the link and get some "official" feedback from the dyslexia community. I suspect that this wouldn't be a "fix" for any form of dyslexia, but could be a good tool for some folks. The support group for ADHD/Aspergers/LD that I coordinate co-hosted three national conferences on ADHD and Reading Disabilities so I absorbed a good bit of info on it and I believe I've heard mention of this font over the past few years. DH has a niece with dyslexia/dyscalcula and I have a nephew with what his resource teacher calls the most severe case of dyslexia she's ever seen. My son has many challenges, but I am happy to say that dyslexia is not on that list. Whew! I've seen my nephew struggle and my sister grieve over his inability to read, so I am happy that this is not a among our challenges (althoughmy son's dysgraphia is dreadful!).


@mkentosh: :) i came in here planning on typing the same thing lol. As to the OP's question, an uncle is dyslexic - he's old enough where he was simply treated as dumb during his earlier school years. though there wasn't a lot known about it at the time, there was a neighbor who was trying to tutor him, and saw that it wasn't his level of understanding that was the problem. His type of dyslexia (as was later discovered) is the sound associative type... a problem putting the phonetic sounds together with the proper letter combinations, and a bit of the "typical" dyslexia - transposing letters or groups of letters (which is actually one of the less common forms - and the other types are, even today, often mis-diagnosed.) - Anyways - he's struggled to a certain extent through anything involving reading and subsequently writing, but the level of effort he put in as a younger man really gave him an appreciation for the written word... something many of us often take fore-granted.


I have Math dyslexia. I found out during Algebra II in High School.

There went my Astronaut dream ;_;


@thegarageband: After looking it up and looking at the symptoms, I'm pretty sure I have it too. I know in high school I had SUCH a hard time with Algebra, especially as the equations got longer. One day I completely refused to do a test because I was sick and tired of always getting the answers wrong. My teacher told me she'd help me with the test after school. Sure enough, I kept screwing up. So she kept having me repeat to her what I thought I was supposed to do. I did one section of the test 3 or 4 times and got different answers nearly every time. She was so confused. Then she decided to watch me... Apparently I have extreme difficulty copying equations if I have to keep looking back at the numbers. If you read it to me I can do it, but otherwise it's like I grab numbers from different equations. She ended up writing it out and having me tell her what to do, which helped immensely though it still takes me a LONG time to learn rules.


When life gives you melons...You might be dyslexic.