questionsa tablet that you can use as a notepad?


i haven't had the chance to try it out myself, but the samsung galaxy note 10.1 includes the s-pen stylus. google tells me one retailer is selling for about $450 (until dec 1)

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I agree the Galaxy Note. It is really the only big name that has built a tablet around the use of a stylus.

An older 7" model is the HTC Flyer. You can save some money and it was a heck of a good tablet in it's day.


I think they all can, it's just a matter of finding a good app and getting used to writing on the tablet. I find my tablet "handwriting" to be pretty illegible for the most part, but it's also in part to the stylus -- my good one has a large, rounded tip instead of a small pointy one. But I think @no1's Galaxy Note idea is probably good, if that s-pen works as cleanly as it looks to do in the commercials. I've wondered if it would work with other tablets but have forgotten to find out.


@banai: Very simply, the Note Stylus will not work on other tablets.

"The S-Pen uses different technology (inductive)."


Thanks the Galaxy Note is the one I have had my eye on, just need to find someone that has used it a see if it works as described.


I have an asus transformer 101 that I bought last BF for $150 and it either came with or I DLed an app called Supernote that lets me hand write notes with my finger or a stylus. Unlike my phone, which has a similar function, I haven't had any trouble with it recognizing my handwriting and correctly converting what I write to text. I found it very useful for taking notes on expenses and places we visited during my recent vacation. Maybe you are looking for something more sophisticated, but the basics worked just fine for me. I have a couple of other notepad/drawing apps but Supernote is the one I use, mostly because I find its method of document storage and retrieval simple and intuitive.


Track down an IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad X61 on eBay.
They're inexpensive windows machines that are a little heavy, but the stylus interface is very good.
A friend has the X31, but it is a stylus-only interface. I think the later models are stylus and touch.


@moondrake: I have the tf201 Prime. It came with Super Note. It is an awesome app for drawing, and I have notes for vacation expenses, class, etc... It works very well. I draw freehanded on it and type my notes as my handwriting is messy.

The Asus Infinity (tf700t) 32gb is $449 at Newegg, and if you have Shoprunner you get 2 day free shipping. With the dock it is $548.

The Galaxy Note is also $449, but for the 16gb, and $499 for the 32gb on Newegg.

Also, Walmart has the Asus tf201 Prime for $299 right now online. The ones with the serial starting with BCOKAS are good, and they upgraded to JellyBean.


Thanks for the input I just pulled the trigger on today's deal.