questionsmy phone battery sucks. iphone users, how areā€¦


Had iPhones for a while... Batteries last well. You get a complementary 1 year warranty, so if the battery is bad, you get a new phone. Also you can buy another year.

Apple really stands by their product. All you need to do, if something is wrong, is go into an apple store, state whats wrong, and walk out with a new NON-refurb phone.


Try dropping a custom rom in. I get 6 extra hours out of my Droid 2 when I am running liberty.


Oh and at no cost if within 1st year


I think it's your phone. I charge my Android phone every few days, and it's usually around 50% when I do (I've let it run all the way down a couple of times on purpose, and that took FOREVER).

A couple of important things to note:

Turn off the Wifi (unless that's your only network access), since the constant scanning for it really depletes the battery.

Turn off the GPS (also a resource hog), unless you are using it for navigation. Once you're not using it, turn it off.


@shrdlu: This is good advice. I also have an app killer to keep non-essential programs from running in the background and turned the brightness level down quite a bit. It really doesn't need to be as bright as the default setting.

I have my timeout set at 1 minute and after talking and playing games quite a bit as well as checking email, facebook and texts I usually get about 24-36 hours out of my Galaxy S.


@professore: Playing games eats battery.
I have an iPhone and I get a solid day out of it most of the time. I do alot of Youtube, Twitter, and texting though.

Also turn off notifications on the non essential apps and change your email to push at smaller intervals, or set it to manual push. That helps alot too.


I text/facebook like a fiend and I get 2 days of use on my iPhone 4.


I'm almost through my second full year with my 3GS, and i'm lucky if I can get a full day anymore. I do game and work from my phone, which drains the charge fairly quickly.


Got the iPhone 4 last week. I love it! Battery lasts forever!