questionsanyone else do this for their woot merch?


I've been guilty of this out of boredom in the past, but it's always a little more depressing. It never updates until I give up. "A watched pot never boils" probably applies in this scenario


@capguncowboy: Same here. Thing doesn't update until you've already checked a bunch of times throughout the day.


This is why I got the package trackr gadget for my desktop. Most useful thing ever. Plus it allows you to see a map of where your package is currently at in it's path to you.


I use the Parcels app on my Android phone for this purpose. If I'm waiting for something, I find myself pulling out my phone and opening the app whenever I have a chance. Walking to car? Stalk it. In between games of Halo Reach? Stalk it. It gets really bad when I find myself compulsively opening the app when I don't even have any packages coming!


Not me I do not want to know...I want to be surprised when I get home! If I find out UPS was at the door at 1:30 I have 4 hours of pure and utter anguish until I put my hands on that package.
Without knowing I can go home and see nothing came today... sigh and say oh well.
The best thing is if you have a horrible day and the package is sitting there waiting for you, your day was so bad you forgot something was coming and perhaps even bad enough to open it up and go oh man I remember ordering that. It can 180 any day!


Why is the Rebecca Black video (Chipmunk version) listed as a "package stalking video?"

Heh sounds like some niche adult film market.. "Package stalking videos"


Stalking a package sent via smart post is pointless. All you have to remember, is that eventually, it will arrive.