questionsdid you read ann landers or dear abby more?


I used to read Abby more than Ann, though it's been several years ago. Ann was a little soft, but Abby would tell it like it was. Don't get me wrong, she had a compassionate side, but she also pulled no punches and added a little snark as well. Reminds me a little of a couple of DW know who I mean. ;)
RIP to Pauline, a very wise lady.


I read them when I came across them, but that wasn't very often lately. Years ago I used to search through the paper for Dear Abby (or her sister in other papers). Loved to read that stuff. I guess they got me hooked on advice columns. Nowadays I read Dear Prudence. She can be stern and she can be funny. Amazing what kind of crazy stories she gets!

RIP Dear Abby.


Yes. Read them both ... but was so sad to learn that the two sisters who gave such sage advice on how to "get along" in life were reported not to get along well with one another. So ironic. So sad. Maybe now they get along better, on the other side of eternity.


@wilfbrim: Thanks for bringing back memories of my younger days - I haven't heard that song in YEARS! I can remember singing it around a bonfire with friends!


@wilfbrim: nice pull! great song! i linked this song yesterday on facebook in response to someone elses comment about dear abby, so i listened to the song again.
On that listen yesterday, i felt like the song makes fun of 'Dear Abby' because the response (as the chorus) is the same for everyone.
-Siiiigned Over-Thinker.